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Started 4/21/11 by TripCrown73; 288980 views.

From: Derby132


If you have not seen the Jess Jackson Memory Wall at Bloodhorse it is wonderful.  Greybirdk pointed it out last night and I am so glad she did.  It is a wonderful tribute to a great man.

It's still hard for me to accept that he is gone....we have lost one of the greats of horse racing......for sure......

From: LindaVA3


Oh that's very nice, lots of wonderful comments.
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From: MaryLOhio


Jackson's death is racing's loss
 Jackson will be remembered as the man who reminded people why horses race. Or, more specifically, he reminded people that horses don't race just so they can be rushed away to a farm in Kentucky.

In two weeks, the starting gate for the Kentucky Derby will fill and, in some cases, with horses running for no purpose other than to gratify the egotism of their owners, but Stonestreet's Astrology won't be at Churchill Downs.

Jackson and Asmussen decided that Astrology, because he missed some training early in the year with illness, couldn't be ready for the Derby's 11/4 miles. And so he'll run Saturday in New York in the Jerome, as a possible prep for the Preakness


From: MJ42903


Thanks for this info

From: cigarello


Thank you so much for posting this article; Gary West is one of the few horse racing writers that gets it. Steve Haskin of course is another, Jay Hovdey and Bill Finley as well; 

A beautiful tribute to a true horseman; Mr Jackson displayed integrity and  remained true to himself and in turn  he took care of and protected his horses. I am so sad that he has passed away.

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From: GreybirdK


This is from the Blood Horse story about Jaycito being withdrawn from the Derby (thank goodness):

“I want to honor him by having my horses wear his colors,” Zayat said. “I have asked (trainer) Steve Asmussen to get an OK from Churchill Downs and I left Mrs. Jackson a voice message telling her what I want to do and asking her permission.


"Jess achieved so much in racing in such a short time and I would like to do this as a token of my appreciation. We had an unbelievable heart-to-heart conversation in the paddock before the (2009) Preakness about sportsmanship and competitiveness and I had a tremendous amount of respect for him.”

Read more:
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


I hope that Zayat can get the permission from both CD and Barbara Banke, I think that would be an awesome tribute to Jess Jackson. I am sorry non of his 3 year olds will be racing


From: Derby132


That darn foot bruise just really bad timing.  Glad they have made the decision On Jaycito.  I am expecting one on Mo.  Any news today on Mo? 

The tributes to Jess Jackson are heartening to read.  A few dim wits who couldn't see past the man's style to the heart of what he was slammed him so very undeservedly over the years.  The overwhelming ackowlegements  from fans and the industry so appreciative of the man and what he envisioned for the sport and how he played the game have made me very proud of the sport these last few days. 

This honor of a horse to carry his colors in the Derby.  A nice gesture.