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don't let him sell her to the meatman   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: drafthorsemd



(I apologize for the delay in announcing here that she was adopted. I get busy and sometimes I forget to post updates.)

Betty was adopted by a loving family in South Jersey.  We delivered her on 5/26/07 to their 7 acre farmette.   She will live out her days with them, being primarily the husband's horse to putter around their little farm.    He plans to do some light trail riding around the property and he also has a little cart he'd like to try her driving with.    He has had draft horses before, and his wife competes Western horses so the family is knowlegeable.   We felt good after we watched him handle & ride Betty.  In a way she picked him: she really relaxed around him, even when he rode her.  

Pic of her at his farm in a temp paddock, before turning her out with other horses:

She has remained healthy & sound.  The rainrot she had when we found her never reappeared.  She gained weight and she's looking really good.   During her stay with Equihab, she got her teeth done, several farrier visits to get feet caught up, several de-wormer treatments, Coggins, and all her shots.  She was given an exam by Dr Moore DVM of Unionville Equine, and Dr Moore felt she looked good / no problems found.  

It was Friends of Barbaro here who made all this possible.   A bunch of FoB's pitched in and paid for all her necessities, her 'bail', and then some.     FoBs are some awesome people!

It's only been a few weeks, but he has since called twice and emailed several times with long, wonderful updates.   He's keeps having to email me the latest neat thing she's done.  He REALLY loves this horse.   :-)   

Aren't happy endings wonderful?


From: midknight1


So wonderful to see her doing well.  Thank you so much for posting the picture and info about her.  Kudos to Equihab for helping this girl.



From: gal1231


Oh My Gosh- I wondered what had happend to Betty. That is such great news-she has been adopted-yea!!!! no more working in the fields for her-she can finally retire and be loved like she deserves! Thank you so much for the update on her! Amanda

From: Guest


This story puts such a smile on my face.  I love Betty, and am so thrilled that she has found a loving home.  Thanks for all you did for her.