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Bless this Rescue Ranch in CA   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


Just wanted to share what a great thing TB Friends Horse Rescue is doing in Woodland, California for horses rescued from the race tracks. This is from their daily diary....

Monday, March 12th... Today comes another gelding from the race track, and tomorrow there will be a visit to the killer pens. Rock and roll on the old ranch truck radio. Yesterday was beautiful. 80 degrees, and we said hello to flies and wasps and gnats and a baby fox who watches us from the grapevines. Nice weather means the world comes alive. Fillies and mares showing heat, dogs peeing on tires, weeds with their own personalites. Congratulations to Wendy Miller in Pleasanton, who over the weekend took home all the ribbons with Joey Wonder. Wendy adopted Joey Wonder from us two years ago and he had a broken sesamoid bone. At his first schooling show Joey was best in all of his classes. Wendy is 15 years old, and she phoned last night to say how much she loves Joey. Wendy just wanted me to know...

102 horses on our ranch, and probably 101 are injured. We have broken knees, broken ankles, torn tendons, broken sesamoid bones, one broken pastern, an arthritic hock, dozens of arthritic senior citizens, blind horses, horses with no teeth, two horses with only one eye, an injured shoulder, several hurt spines, and one gelding who broke his withers but now he is healed. Every horse comes with a story. We have a cabinet which is for pain pills only. An a hidden Almond Joy...

Carnage from race tracks. We have seen it all...

And on our ranch there is a gelding who made over one million dollars as a race horse. Another gelding who made six hundred grand. Two other geldings earned over half a million. They once were stars. But now they fight flies and chase after fillies. We have many young kids who visit our ranch, and one of the superstar geldings comes to the fence to watch. He loves kids. You can see it on his face...

And another superstar gelding hates people. It takes at least 30 minutes to catch him. And then all he can think about is getting away. He is horrible for the shoer. You can always tell when a horse has been physically abused. This gelding is afraid of being hit. We try to comfort, hoping to make amends. But it is too late. The scars run deep. He has a girl friend, an older mare who was also successful as a race horse. Both like to be left alone...

When you live with over 100 horses you adjust to each personality. Several times I have been told by visitors that all thoroughbreds are the same. Just like all pit bulls are the same. Huh?

There is something about horses. You can look up all the right words, search for the meaningful phrases, and still never get it right. Horses are romance. Horses are the path to inner peace. And I love the way they smell...


Two older mares who recently arrived from killer pens. Below on the left is Abigail, and she has a racing tattoo which says she is 20 years old. Abigail is the smartest horse I have ever been with. Below on the right is March Madness, and we call her March. She came to us icky and muddy, but after two baths she is looking much better. March has a racing tattoo which says she is 18 years old.
    Located in Northern California, TB Friends is dedicated to the rescue and placement of horses that have been abandoned or neglected. Usually these horses arrive from the race track. The horses obtained by TB Friends are often saved from the brutal trip to rendering facilities in Texas.


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From: marygran


Joe is an angel. 

Mary in MD

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From: MargieMorgan


Thank you for the post LoriCA!

Those mares are so lovely and Joe definately has a talent for writing.


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From: Guest


Do a search on this forum. There have been a few threads about Joe.

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From: OakHillsDog



Thank you SO much for posting this day's diary.  I was afraid, since the main site is closed by the time I get home now, that no one would have seen this day.  Joe is just amazing...  I know there is a TB in Maryland, I think, that some young girl can no longer keep who has a track injury, and I just wish she were closer to Joe who has such fabulous success finding a safe place for these horses.  I know he only sees a fraction of those needing a place, most of whom we never know how or where they end (said with tears), but thank goodness Joe's friends at the track keep him - what is the word - supplied???  I thank all those people who are committed, who are conscientious, who care, and would hate to ever be the one who had to decide which horse to save. 

I believe Joe's sense of humor, his light references  on the outside world like American Idol and the Sacramento Kings (which he has forsaken because of their obnoxious new player, Ron Artest) and food, allow him to stay centered enough to see the horses and not just give up at the overwhelming numbers.  Today's post shows he is not unaware, just willing to keep it tolerable for the outside world the rest of the time.  Today is reality at Joe's place.  Bless him, and Cathy, and all those who support and give him sustenance, the ability to continue. 



From: Guest


Hi Shelley,

I also love Joe's stories about his pet horse, Pony Boy.  Pony Boy loves apple turnovers and bannas.  He's a big Paint with a white face--very cute!!! He also says Pony Boy is equivalent to the Walmart Greeter--greeting all the new rescued horse that come to the ranch.

My other favorite story of late, was when Joe found Hoover, a rescued racehorse in his tack room at 5 am.  There were carrots and horse cookies scattered everywhere, leg wraps tossed outside, and a bag of cat food trashed.  In the main area of barn, the barn radio was unplugged but Hoover's stall snap was still intact--Joe called him the escape artist.  Said it took him a long time to clean up Hoover"s mess.  I thought to myself, what a character this horse is -- pretty amusing to me anyway.  Those kind of stories make my day.