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2 yr Olds of 2020/3 yr Olds of 2021   Horse Racing

Started 1/27/20 by Derby132; 32378 views.

From: cigarello


 I was just looking at the American Pharoah race  for two year olds scheduled for today (Friday)- Horses in this race are eligible for Derby points, however,  Baffert has been told his horses will not be allowed to get Derby points if they win, so what do the owners do in these cases? Why would they keep these horses with Baffert? I am surprised the horses have not been taken from Baffert-- Let me add that I don't think any of this is fair but it is what it is for now.

Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


Baffert’s owners who are sticking with him obviously are not worried that their horses will not be eligible to run in the Derby or Oaks. The group that owns Rockefeller just bought more than 10 yearlings for Bob to train. 
I am pretty sure Bob will succeed in the NYRA suit and be able to run horses in NY. As to the Churchill Downs one, I think he will eventually win that as well, but until Kentucky Horseracing gets the urine test results and they hold a hearing he can’t fight CDI.

The lidocaine overages ended up being contamination from someone not at his barn and he was absolved of this yet CDI is using it as 2 of his 5 drug positives. 
IMHO that is NOT fair/


From: cigarello


 I hope you are right:  There is so much that is unfair  about the way BB is being treated. Even the LA Times article makes it clear the issue is overages, not doping or performance enhancing drugs.

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From: cigarello


 In the 4th at Belmont, daughter of Rachel 's Valentina, Ambassador Kelly, ( Pioneer of the Nile) ran third: Radio Days won the race. AK started out pretty slowly but she motored pretty well as the race went on to get up for third. the track was muddy.


From: gerchgo


Yes! A lot happened in that race for her to learn from- slow start, off track with kickback, and oyher horses to pass. She should so well in next race.