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JULY $5 WINNER IS.....   Dogs and Cats and ...

Started 7/3/22 by NWFLAFOB; 821 views.



Sorry for posting delay.  We've been nursing a sick chicken and I can't seem to stay on track with other things I'm doing!  We have Celia (named after a Great Aunt) in a big dog kennel in garage where we can limit the light she is exposed to and she has plenty of quiet space to heal.  She laid her very first egg - only it turned into two separate eggs trying to emerge and that caused a prolapse.  Her butt where egg comes out (same place as poop exits) extended outward as per normal but did not retract.  Think huge hemorrhoid!!  It was GROSS.  Hubby cleaned it off and pushed back inside her.  We even wrapped her hind end to keep everything in place.  Daily Epsom salts soaks and Preparation H applications.  She's doing much better, butt looks good, poop moving properly, eating, preening, bright eyed.  We'll keep her isolated another couple days so her egg factory is not triggered by light to start creating eggs.  Then we'll cross our fingers when we reintroduce her to the other girls again.   And, that, friends is your poultry keeping tutorial for the day!  LOL

This month's rescue is Akron Canine Rescued Angels in Akron, NEW YORK and not that other Akron!!   If you prefer PayPal, here's their site link to access that option.  For snail mailers: P.O. Box 282, Akron, NY 14001               I used their website for PayPal and proceeded on to my own PayPal page (there's a message on the access the rescue provides that says money might not be delivered for 45 days.  Maybe that applies to all PayPal donations but I don't think so.  Very easy to just use straight old PayPal, though.  Also, please remember to select "Gift or sending money to friends" - other options will trigger IRS involvement for the rescue.  Please annotate FOB DONATION and let me know when you've seen and sent.

When notified of our selection, here is response from the rescue:

"Hi again!  Yes i absolutely remember your group FOB donating to ACRA and was greatly appreciated.  As a dog and horse lover, it was especially special to my heart.  Thankyou for thinking of our rescue again as we Save Gods Lost Dogs, One at a Time.  


Bev- Pres ACRA "


From: hatchery1


Happy Independence Day!

I made a $25 donation to Akron Canine Rescued Angels using the link and PayPal, but I didn't see anywhere to put a notation that it was an FOB Donation.  I hope they get it, and know it was from the FOB charity group!

My goodness, I'm glad to read that Celia is feeling better.  That must have hurt!  I really learned a lot reading about how chickens lay eggs - I had no idea how the process works, so thank you for that! 

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July, and God Bless America. Prayers for the poor people in Illinois who were shot during the parade today. What is this country coming to?

Tricia K.

Barbaro will lead the way... 




Thanks, Tricia.

We are on an ongoing learning curve with the chickens.  I bought several chicken keeping/health books when we were pondering getting them.  Invaluable resources because getting on the computer in a hurry isn't always easy or quick.  We put her back out  with the rest of the girls yesterday and stood by to watch.  There can sometimes be a readjustment period when one has been removed from the rest and then reintroduced.  Thankfully there was no such problem.  She literally took off running zoomies all over the inside and outside of the coop - up and down ladders, thru the little opening out onto their drop down platform "I'm free, I'm free"!!!  It was so funny.  She joined the  others in a little group and then hopped up onto a roosting pole.   We'll be keeping close watch on her (and her butt!).  Once a prolapse happens, it is quite possible to happen again.  We would be happy if she never tries to lay another one!


From: DJoAnn


pp'ed donation, but was unable to leave FOB designation.  What a great group!  As always, thank you for doing this every month.  I really do believe we make a difference.



From: cigarello


 Hi: I just donated thru paypal. Nowhere to leave info: re: FOB

I love  the  love  and care that you give all of your animals -----


From: amycapshaw


Hey Linda

Just sent my donation through PayPal, but I couldn't find any place to note that it was an FOB Donation. 

Thank you for continuing to do this each month. The stories of the overwhelmed rescues and shelters where I live break my heart. Everyone is so in need of support, and I am happy to help.

Take Care and thanks again.


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Thank you, Jodie!   There's no doubt in my mind our monthly efforts make a difference.  For the individual animals who ultimately receive the benefits whether it be thru food, medicine, even a toy made possible because all of you contribute in Barbaro's honor, the difference is huge!  When you consider how long we've been doing this, we could probably fill a football field with all the critters we've touched in some way.




Thank you, Marilyn.   

Our dogs and cats have always had the very best we could give them.  Now, we have 13 more "children"!!!   It's been quite a learning experience that's for sure.




Amy, thank you so much!

Every day on social media is a horror show of overwhelming numbers of animals in need.  All the rescues I follow say they have never, ever seen it this bad.  I swear I come away with "face book PTSD" if there is such a thing.  When you connect with a pair of eyes, pleading for its life, it's hard to shake.  I cannot even imagine being on the actual front lines of rescue work, day in and day out, facing what these warriors encounter.  


From: cigarello


why do you think it has gotten so bad?

I am thinking that during the pandemic people puchased pets and when they went back to work

they just decided to get rid of their pets---