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Please Read!! From Joe at TB Friends   Anti Slaughter Issues

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From: Guest


Hi, Barbaro Family:  This was from Joe's Monday Journal.....about the horrors of horseslaughter.  We need to stop this horrific slaughtering of our horses ASAP!!!    Maybe, if God's willing, it will happen this week!!


Monday, April 23rd... A new week begins by telling you how it is. We know of at least 3 cattle trailers filled with horses who have left Northern California for slaughter. Two trailers went to Mexico, one to Canada. If I want to ship a horse out of state, I must have our vet Lisa Wallace come and do a coggins test. Lisa will take blood from the horse, and we wait 2 or 3 days for results. How come killers can just load up and go? How come killers are allowed to leave the United States with American horses? On the morning journal I never try to bitch and moan. But Friday I see horses at the feed lots, and Sunday they are gone. It breaks my heart. It is so unfair. Laws are not respected, and killers get away with murder.

And the majority of horse killers are not even legal in our country. They exploit our horses. Every tiny dime they can make. The money is sent home to relatives in Mexico. Killers are not embarrassed about how they earn their living. America offers opportunities. America allows others to come and take advantage of defenseless horses. A horse killer in Vallejo told me Americans are stupid. Americans keep breeding, and he will keep making money.

I was once a radical. Did the animal rights protest thing. Phoned the Highway Patrol whenever a trailer full of doomed horses crossed our state line headed to Texas. No one cared. Especially the Highway Patrol. And I could never get my foot in the door. How pathetic are you when an illegal person refuses to sell you a horse? I was way past pathetic. Dumb as a rock. It took years to figure out the only way I could rescue horses was to go with the flow. And here I am. Still dumb, but not as quite. I can save horses, but only because I pay the money and go away. I am an expert at going away...

Slaughter was suppose to stop. Our government said so. Yet Europe is paying top dollar for horse meat. And as we all know, where money is involved closed doors will suddenly open.

From the killer pens yesterday came a dark gelding with a reddish mane. He is skinny and depressed, and also lame. We named him Spring, because it will only take a couple of months until he has a Spring to his step. There is a racing tattoo which says Spring is just 5 years old.

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Maureen830 (Davis474)

From: Maureen830 (Davis474)


I hope you'll keep posting Joe's Journal here. His posts usually break my heart, but he "tells it like it is," and we should all be aware of what's going on. God bless you Joe - for all the good you do, in saving the horses.


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From: Juliet9386


I got so upset by this this morning I sent a scathing email to Jerry Brown, our Attorny General, who is supposed to be enforcing the laws enacted by California Voters.