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Was Mickey Rooney a jerk?   General Discussion

Started by hmaltravers; 5305 views.

From: hmaltravers


I've read and heard several places that Mickey Rooney was a colossal jerk on the set. 

I saw an interview of the late director John Frankenheimer who directed Rooney in a TV movie called "The Comedian." He got so fed up with Rooney's egotistical antics, he told Rooney, "Look, Mickey, there's only going to be one S.O.B on this set, and it's going to be me."

with appreciation,
Harry Maltravers


From: Varietyguy


By the way, Harry, the film of which you speak was "The Comic" (Col, 1969) starring Dick Van Dyke, Michelle Lee and Mickey Rooney. John Frankenheimer (whose obituary I wrote for Variety) did NOT direct or helm that movie. As a matter of fact, one of Frankenheimer's famous quotes was that he would NEVER work with Val Kilmer again. It's a long stretch from Mickey Rooney to Val Kilmer. Loved Kilmer in Oliver Stone's "The Doors."



From: hmaltravers


From Wikipedia:

Frankenheimer began his directing career in live television at CBS. Throughout the 1950s he directed over 140 episodes of shows like Playhouse 90Climax!, and Danger, including The Comedian, written by Rod Serling and starring Mickey Rooney as a ragingly vicious television comedian.

I apologize for being curt, but I saw Mr. Frankenhiemer in documentary about Rod Serling in which Mr. Frankenheimer specifically spoke about directing Mickey Rooney and what an unpleasant experience it was.
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From: FredDay


Was Mickey Rooney a jerk?? I really don't know. Perhaps, sometimes. He was a darn good actor, a pretty good singer, and a good song writer. I know of only two songs written by him, words and music. There are probably more, of which I am unaware. The two I know are: "Little Christmas Tree", recorded by Nat King Cole; and "Where I Belong", recorded by Vic Damone. Both songs are lovely, and well sung by Nat, and Vic. I recall Mickey telling a story about a time he overheard 2 women talking about him, one of whom asked the other, "How short is he?" Mickey replied: "I'm about fifty thousand short!" (meaning dollars!) I guess he must have made some bad investments. C'est la vie. Ciao. 

From: RegReeve


I would guess that the bad investments Mr Rooney made were in the institution of marriage!  His alimony payments must have been in the same ball park as those of Rex Harrison and Alan Jay Lerner, to name only a couple of other much married celebrities.

Reg R.

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From: FredDay


It was Red Skelton who once said: At Mickey Rooney's and Liz Taylor's weddings, people throw minute rice!!" I recall a little poem by George Burns: "Georgie Jessel puddin' and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry, when the boys came out to play, Georgie Jessel ran away, he's a coward!! But think of all the money he saved in alimony!!" Amen!! Merry Christmas to all!! And Happy Hannukah!! And Happy New Year too!! Ciao.