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Jolson Festival 2018   General Discussion

Started 9/24/17 by JolsonWGE; 1477 views.

From: DCM10



I've been looking at a number of options for traveling to the Jolson Festival in May but the easiest WAS to fly direct to Hartford and I've booked my flights accordingly. I will arrive on 16th May, flying home on 24th. Hoping to get into New York after the Festival finishes on Sunday 20th IF I can find a reasonable hotel suitable for sightseeing.


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From: JolsonWGE


I found flights using Aer Lingus, which is the only Airline flying to Hartford, to be very expensive. There’s nothing really of interest to see in Hartford itself so I’d need to add another cost to fly to New York or Boston. Hotels in New York (my favoured place to visit) are ridiculously expensive so looking at the trip logically from a purely financial point of view, I won’t be going. 


From: DCM10


Sorry that you cannot join us in Hartford in May. Yes, flights are expensive but there is/was another option to using Aer Lingus and that is to fly with Norwegian Airlines from Edinburgh. Norwegian Airlines were a lot cheaper last time I looked but of course you have the hassle of getting to Edinburgh from wherever you live. As to internal flights from Hartford to New York, I’m looking to travel by Greyhound Bus instead of flying, which is much cheaper and I’ll see more of the country. Far better to be sitting in a bus than sitting in an airport waiting for flights. Nothing you can do about New York hotels - the ARE expensive. 

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From: JolsonWGE


I didn’t know about the Norwegian flights from Edinburgh, none of my online searches came up with that option. Pity you didn’t post about Norwegian flights before, it was another option I might have considered. 

On reflection the whole trip is just too awkward and too expensive so I won’t be going.