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A Goodbye Too Soon   General Discussion

Started 10/1/17 by DKT13; 290 views.

From: DKT13


 My friend, Jeff Harris. He died a little after midnight September 23, 2017, he was 57. Jeff was the first person of my age group who had an interest in Al Jolson. More than an interest. We both shared the near fanatical admiration for a performer who had died 10 years before either of us was born.

Jeff first contacted me in 1978, we were both 18. Actually, he was 18, I was still a youngster of 17. Later that year I flew down to Fresno, where he was living at the time, to meet with my fellow Jolson enthusiast. We spent two days talking Jolson, and he took me around to various shops in search of Jolson memorabilia.

We had lost contact for a couple of decades, until he found me on Facebook. We rekindled our friendship via the internet. We had only met face to face that one time back in 1978, yet we shared the Jolson connection, Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Mel Blanc, Clive Baldwin and other entertainers of the past, and a few of the present. We also shared a sarcastic and caustic sense of humor.

I am going to miss trading Jolson trivia, and insults with him.

Good Bye, Jeff. Say hello to Al, and others for me.