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Godfrey Peacock   General Discussion

Started Oct-2 by Bognor1967; 399 views.

From: Bognor1967


One time IAJS rep. for the UK  and my co-organiser of the UK Bromley Jolson meetings for many years, Godfrey Peacock, is travelling to South Africa later this month by air

to celebrate his 91st Birthday. He will be accompanied by his son Steve and they plan to visit the battlefields  and area made famous in the film "Zulu"

I know that everyone will be pleased to learn that a loyal member of the Society for many years is still going strong in his 90's


From: JolsonWGE


Bognor1967 said:

I know that everyone will be pleased to learn that a loyal member of the Society for many years is still going strong in his 90's

Please don’t assume that ‘everyone’ will be pleased to hear about Godfrey Peacock. I found him rude and condescending at the Bromley gatherings and he was one of the main reasons I and several others stopped going to those meetings. He bored people with his doom and gloom introductions and behaved like a little dictator. My wife, who was a very tolerant lady couldn’t stand him, mostly for the disrespectful way he spoke to me and other members at the meetings.

I’m pleased that any Jolson fan is still alive at 91 years of age but let’s not forget that Peacock wanted to close down the popular Bromley Jolson meetings rather than let someone else take over the running of those functions. 


From: chris282


Where you at the Bromley meetings where Peacock refused to allow any singing until HE gave the word that it was ok ?? 


From: JolsonWGE


Yes I was. It was a standing joke that you weren't allowed to sing at the Saturday night karaoke until given permission to do so. Don't know if that was the hotel rules, which is what we were told at the time, or Godfrey Peacock making up his own rules. 


From: DCM10


When I took over the running of the Bromley event I asked the hotel what time we were allowed to start playing music on the Saturday evening as I had also been told the same as you - the hotel didn’t allow music and singing until after a certain time. It wasn’t true - we could play music or sing all day long if we wanted. 

Dont know why Peacock made those silly statements - there were no restrictions other than what he imposed. 


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From: chris282


Thanks for confirming that the ‘no singing until after 9 o’clock’ was just a Peacock rule. Silly way to behave in my opinion but I remember how he liked to dominate the day on the Sunday. I was there when he stormed to the front of the room during a talk on Jolson for a very public row with Dennis Sykes. I believe that he then banned Dennis from future Jolson meetings though not sure if it was an official ban. Dennis certainly didn’t attend the Bromley meetings again after that. Dennis Sykes was a mainstay of the old meetings in West Wickham and very knowledgeable on Jolson.