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Saudi airline switches to Airbus as Boeing’s Max remains grounded

  • Saudi Arabian airline Flyadeal is buying 30 Airbus A320neo jets valued at $5.5 billion.
  • Flyadeal had previously committed to purchase up to 50 Boeing 737 Max jets, valued at $5.9 billion.
  • The Middle Eastern carrier will now operate exclusively on Airbus Aircraft.
  • Saudi Arabian budget airline Flyadeal will operate an all-Airbusfleet after canceling its $5.9 billion provisional order with Boeing for its troubled 737 Max jets.

    The airline has instead ordered 30 Airbus A320neo planes for $5.5 billion, marking one of the first carriers to fully switch to Boeing’s French rival as problems with the Max continue.



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United will scrap 8,000 flights due to grounded Boeing jets

 United Airlines now expects to cancel more than 8,000 flights through October because of the grounding of its Boeing 737 Max planes.

United said Friday that it is dropping its 14 Max jets from the schedule until Nov. 3 — a month longer than previously planned.

The airline says that without the Max jets, it will cancel 40 to 45 flights a day this month, with that rate rising to about 95 canceled flights per-day in October.

The Max was grounded around the world in mid-March after the second of two deadly crashes that killed 346 people.


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Boeing exec linked to 737 MAX will retire, report says

The Boeing executive who managed the assembly of the company’s troubled 737 MAX model of passenger jets is retiring, according to a report.

Eric Lindblad, 57, who has been with the company for 34 years, will depart amid a crisis resulting from deadly crashes of the plane model in Indonesia and Ethiopia that resulted in a total of nearly 350 deaths.

Preliminary reports blamed the accidents on new flight-control software that pushed the planes’ noses down. Boeing plans to propose a fix for the problem to federal safety regulators in September, according to the Associated Press.

Lindblad ran the Boeing assembly plant in Renton, Wash., taking over less than a year ago, the Seattle Times reported. The vice president was not being forced out, having shared his retirement plans with the company a year ago, the company said, according to the Times.

He will be replaced by Mark Jenks, a vice president who previously managed the Boeing 787 program.

After the Ethiopia crash, many countries, including the United States, brought the 737 MAX models under closer scrutiny, with many countries ordering the planes pulled from service.

Meanwhile, a group of consumers from across the U.S. filed a lawsuit in Texas this week, asserting that Southwest Airlines and Boeing knew about potential dangers with the 737 MAX model but still allowed passengers to fly on the planes.


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Airlines Cancel Boeing Max Flights Into November; Holiday Flights Could Be Next

With American Airlines joining United in pulling 737 Max planes from their schedules and cancelling flights into early November, many travel industry observers are bracing for the next shoe to drop: higher priced fares and cancelled flights for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays season.

American Airlines announced Monday it is pulling the 737 Max from its schedule through Nov. 2, canceling about 115 flights per day. American reported last week that the Max grounding has already cost the airline $185 million in lost revenue.

United Airlines, the second largest U.S. airline in passenger volume, said Friday it would cancel flights through Nov. 3. That's 2,100 flights in September and another 2,900 flights in October because 14 of its 737 Max jets are grounded.

The Federal Aviation Administration found a new problem in Boeing's Max plane last month, so it will like be several more months before the company develops a fix and the troubled plane is certified to fly passengers again.


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'Designed by clowns': Boeing messages raise serious questions about 737 Max

The crisis enveloping Boeing has deepened with the release of hundreds of internal messages between employees working on the 737 Max aircraft, which boasted of deceiving safety regulators and said the plane had been “designed by clowns”.

US politicians investigating Boeing said the messages were deeply disturbing and showed “a coordinated effort to conceal information” about flaws in the aircraft, which was grounded last year after two fatal crashes.

The messages sent between 2015 and 2018 show unnamed employees discussing the potentially fatal implications of what they believed was substandard work on the 737 Max project.

In an exchange in 2018, one refers to “to the very very few of us on the program who are interested only in truth”, and asks: “Would you put your family on a MAX simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn’t.”


The other employee responded: “No.”

In instant messages sent in April 2017 complaining about the Max’s flight management technology, an employee wrote: “This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys.” They referred to its “piss poor design” and urged: “Let’s just patch the leaky boat”.

Referring to the Federal Aviation Authority, the US regulator that certified the plane as safe to fly, another message says: “I’ll be shocked if the FAA passes this turd.”

One employee said in 2018: “I still haven’t been forgiven by God for the covering up I did last year.”


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Boeing’s horrible year: It lost orders, while Airbus delivered twice as many jets

Boeing’s final tally of 2019 commercial jet orders and deliveries, released Tuesday, starkly displays just how bad the year was: Deliveries were down to a level last seen more than a decade ago when all production was halted by a two-month strike. And net orders were negative — with more cancellations than new orders.

The annual competition between the rival jetmakers was no contest, with Airbus the runaway winner.

Airbus released its final sales and production tally Monday, showing it delivered a total of 863 jets and won 768 net new orders in 2019.

In contrast, Boeing delivered only 380 planes, its lowest total since a 57-day strike shut down production in 2008.

Airbus’ total jet deliveries were worth about $60 billion compared to Boeing’s $42 billion, based on market pricing estimates from aircraft valuation firm Avitas.


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Jobs are on the line and clock is ticking as Boeing’s new CEO takes over



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He's got a tough job ahead of him, hope he does turn things around.


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tough job seems like an understatement.



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It sure does!


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