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Why does everybody think their religion is the only truth?

Started Apr-16 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 489 views.

Watch out! japanese_ogre

You might be the only woman in this forum!

''Religion is just mind control, only men invented it''

-- George Carlin


From: albatler


when the Muslims took over mecca, rumor was the prev religions were run by women..

or featured them...like the Greeks..

imagine if Carlen had said "only men murder"..

there is no doubt, women murder less..


From: albatler


History Repeated (Bushschizo) said:

''Religion is just mind control, only men invented it'' -- George Carlin

?repeat that statement to the nearest married woman..

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I think it's the answers that divide us, not the questions.

If you had a priest, a Rabbi and a...

oh, no wait, that's a pub joke...

Okay... if a devout believer in any faith and an atheist scientist were given the same opportunity to have all their questions about life, the universe and everything answered in one day - whether it be an afternoon with GOD or a ringside seat of the birth of the Universe with the best scientific equipment and sensors whirring...

They would both want the same answers to the exact same questions.

Why are we here?  How did this all come to be?  What do we do with this existence?  How is it all going to end?

I feel trivial minutia gets in the way of finding the answers.  Whether it be arguing over who's God is better, or just the math.

But then again, I do huff a lot of paint...