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From: YWN666 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-23 12:42 PM 
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The real reason the GOP is gung-ho on repealing Obamacare: It would give the rich a huge tax cut

People wondering why Republicans are so hell-bent on repealing Obamacare even though that would cost 20 million Americans their health insurance haven’t been heeding the old investigator’s maxim to “follow the money.”

The path leads to the Affordable Care Act’s tax provisions, and the discovery that repeal would provide the wealthiest taxpayers with an immediate tax cut totaling $346 billion over 10 years. Every cent of that would go to taxpayers earning more than $200,000 a year ($250,000 for couples). As Nicholas Bagley of the University of Michigan observed a few days after the election, the imperative of handing their wealthy patrons a gift of this magnitude may well outweigh their solicitude for the mostly middle- and low-income constituents whose individual insurance plans would be at risk from repeal. 

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From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member IconMar-18 7:07 PM 
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And yet there are still plenty of lower middle class Americans supporting this. One of the problems that plagues us is that Americans think the key to good health care is through insurance companies. They haven't figured out that insurance companies don't care about our health. Another reason that poor people will support laws that benefit the rich is that they think they will be one of them one day. Of course, the economy has been rigged against them so they will never rise above their lower middle class status. An entire segment of the population will collude in their own oppression. 


From: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member IconMar-18 9:00 PM 
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I saw an example of that today on CBS's Saturday morning show.  One of the cuts Twitler wants is to cut Meals on Wheels.  So CBS interviewed some folks and one lady is scared her meals will be cut and guess what?  She voted for Twitler.  I was wondering when these people who voted for that blowharded fuck would realize that they've fucked themselves.  Happening sooner than I thought. 



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From: Song~ (_Song_) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMar-18 10:19 PM 
To: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 30) 
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Too bad the rest of us have to get screwed over for their idiocy...




From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member IconMar-18 10:29 PM 
To: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 30) 
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Yes, I saw that in the newspaper this morning. You are right -- they voted for the very person who is intent on making their lives worse. How did they figure their lives would improve with him at the helm? The psychology behind it is perplexing. It's probably a number of factors. The Orange One has demonized anyone who isn't a white male, giving lots of poor, white people a variety of ethnic groups to blame for their predicament. This is ideal for Republicans, because they get to really screw them over while they are distracted. And they'll never realize that certain white males are actually the cause of their predicament! But there's also this mentality (or maybe denial?) that they will be one of those rich people who benefit from tax cuts and what not, and that just won't happen. I once saw a man in a grocery store -- clearly homeless -- defending extreme right-wing political views. It was stunning. He was defending the very group of people who would never in a million years help him. In fact, they are the reason he is on the streets. This is why the Orange One can say anything, no matter how absurdly outlandish, and the poor, dumb people just eat it all up. And when you combine poverty and lack of education with religion, you've got a codependent person for life. There is no chance they will ever break out of that mental prison.


From: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member IconMar-18 10:33 PM 
To: Song~ (_Song_) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 30) 
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I know, right? 



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From: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member IconMar-18 10:35 PM 
To: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 30) 
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I think it's gonna get a Hell of a lot worse before it gets better.  These people who voted for Twitler have barely begun to see how much they've fucked themselves over. 



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From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member IconMar-18 10:39 PM 
To: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 30) 
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The sad part is, the ones who didn't vote for him and know better, will also suffer. This health care debacle will be just awful. Millions will lose insurance just so insurance companies can profit more. People think they will somehow get a better deal. Ha! The insurance companies get a better deal. 


From: Song~ (_Song_) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMar-18 11:08 PM 
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I'll go back to having no insurance...

I guess I should be happy to live in constant pain just so Twitler can build a wall



From: B-17 Girl (Collinwood11) DelphiPlus Member IconMar-19 9:15 AM 
To: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 30) 
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I don't understand how Twitler and his minions are getting away with telling people they won't lose their healthcare when in fact they will. 



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