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How Not to Respond to a Suicide

I am not familiar with Anthony Bourdain.

I didn’t know anything about him until I found out he had died today, apparently from suicide. I offer my prayers for him– not because I’m better than he is but because that’s what we ought to do when we hear about a death. I offer my condolences to his family.

I do know that no one deserves the drivel that Bill Donohue just wrote about Anthony Bourdain’s death. 

This short op ed, entitled “WOULD RELIGION HAVE SAVED BOURDAIN?” is nasty; it’s mean-spirited; it’s self-serving in the most shameless way; and it dances awfully close to heresy. A person representing an organization literally called the Catholic League ought to be deeply ashamed to publish such a thing. This reads like a caricature of what a mean-spirited atheist thinks Catholics think about atheists.

“If Anthony Bourdain had been a religious man, would he have killed himself? Probably not, ” alleges Donohue, on the same day Boudrain’s body was found dead in a hotel room in France. The man’s body is not yet cold. His many fans are reeling in shock. Everyone including Donald Trump of all people is expressing grief and sorrow, relating stories about how Bourdain’s life touched theirs, and Donohue begins his remarks by chiding a dead man. Donohue is less tactful than Trump.

Donohue mocks Bourdain’s atheism, then goes on to explain that suicide rates have risen in recent years and decry the CDC for not measuring how religion affects suicide rates yet. He goes on to plug his book, The Catholic Advantage: How Health, Happiness, and Heaven Await the Faithful, wherein he claims to discuss this in detail and provide links between religious practice and a decreased suicide risk. He does not give details about his evidence in the op ed; you’ll have to buy his book to find out what he’s talking about. I haven’t bought the book and I do not recommend that my readers do so. Anyone who would behave this callously about a death ought not to be trusted to give reliable information on that topic.


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From: sbljrJun-12 7:32 AM 
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As one who attended a family survivors group with my wife for several years, in a heavily Catholic city (I'm not myself), I can assure you that Catholics do their share of suicide.

I observed among Catholic suicide survivors that some still believe their loved one must be prayed out of purgatory, while others assume God will give the mentally ill a free pass to heaven.

That's about the only difference.  They commit suicide for exactly the same reasons as other people.


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I'm sorry your family had to go through that.

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From: sbljrJun-13 7:15 AM 
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Thanks for the kind words. 

It is probably in more families than not if one inquires into relatives who died for reasons "unknown" or not talked about.

Unfortunately, stigma and denial seem to be strong as ever.


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I had someone in my extended family make an attempt.  They brought her back but the attempt still wounded the family.

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From: shibumiMCJun-14 4:13 PM 
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And the dreadful catholics would not - as I recall - allow the family to bury the suicide victim in so-called "sacred ground." So they defy the sacred by a non sacred act of refusal. Don't know whether this abonomible practice continues.


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