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Ken Starr, prosecutor in Clinton Whitewater case, dies at 76

Ken Starr, the prolific prosecutor in the Whitewater probe during former President Bill Clinton's term, has died. He was 76.

Driving the news: Starr died from complications related to surgery at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, according to a statement from his family.

  • Starr had a long career in the political law realm. He was a judicial appointee under former President Ronald Reagan and also served under former President George H. W. Bush.
  • He recently served on Trump's impeachment team for the Senate trial in January 2020.

What they're saying: "We are deeply saddened with the loss of our dear and loving Father and Grandfather, whom we admired for his prodigious work ethic, but who always put his family first," his son Randall Starr said.

  • "The love, energy, endearing sense of humor, and fun-loving interest Dad exhibited to each of us was truly special, and we cherish the many wonderful memories we were able to experience with him. He is now with his Lord and Savior."

The big picture: Starr cemented his political legacy through the investigation of the Whitewater probe, a so-called scandal that hung over the Clintons during the '80s. His investigation led to the impeachment of former President Clinton in 1998.

  • The Starr Report included details about Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern at the time. His report also accused Clinton of lying about the affair to the public and during his own testimony.............

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From: Patrick Rock (PFR291) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-13 10:09 PM 
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The Starr Report was a witch hunt from the word "Go".  Whitewater turned out to be a non-issue, but he expanded it to Paula Jones after Arkansas Sheriff's Deputies tried (quite amateurishly) to implicate Clinton in another scandal, leading to Paula Jones' lawsuit (pushed by an anti-Clinton, right-wing organization), leading to Monica Lewinski, leading to Clinton lying to a civil jury (actually, he was not guilty of perjury; that was disposed of later), leading to a scandal that Republicans shouted was "Worse than Watergate".

The Starr Report might be also remembered as bad amateur porn, with all the intimate details.

In the end, he was a hack who put party above country, though it was more glaring in his day than it would be now.  Today, he'd be just one of the boys.


From: markruckSep-13 10:27 PM 
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No loss. 


From: BlueManDudeSep-13 11:32 PM 
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Let's not forget the wonderful job he did at Baylor, covering up the rape culture of the football team, eventually Starr was fired after the coach, AD...etc, were all fired for covering up the rapes.


From: Patrick Rock (PFR291) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-14 7:57 AM 
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Was he fired outright, or did he resign "for health reasons"?


From: BlueManDudeSep-14 8:04 AM 
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He was fired as president, resigned as chancellor. 

Starr also helped write the plea deal as Jeffery Epstein's attorney, with disgraced sec of labor, Alex Acosta, who a US attorney at the time.


From: Patrick Rock (PFR291) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-14 8:27 AM 
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Hell of a resumé, yes?


From: BlueManDudeSep-14 8:42 AM 
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Ken Starr, noted sex crime expert....


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