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Animal lovers will always want to have a pet, whether they live in an apartment, condo, or house. Let's talk about all pets in all places.

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ALL PETS BIG AND SMALL is a forum for people who love animals and always want to have pets. Some people only like dogs. Some people only like cats. Other people like a variety of pets. In different circumstances we may have different pets. Let's talk about all pets in all places.

Take a moment and tell us about yourself and your pets in INTRODUCTION.

ATTENTION!!! Visit the Pet Blog at any time by clicking on Pet Blog at the top of the screen under the forum title All Pets Big and Small.  The hermit crab Shy Shelly is being featured in the most recent blog.

 Two Simple Forum Rules:   (1) Treat each other with respect, and (2) the selling of commercial products is prohibited, especially if they are not pet-related.

Breeds of the Week

CAT:   Sphynx

DOG:  Shetland Sheepdog

Critter of the Week

The Kiwi Bird