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How do you come up with your pet's name?   Pet Talk

Started 11/18/17 by PennyCC; 3113 views.

From: PennyCC


You could put a lot of captions to that picture of Kirby.

Like, "Really? Dry food? You have to be joking. Please do not mention it again."


From: DarkestWolf


My first dog was named Sissy because I wanted a little sister, I was 3 when I picked her out. (I got two sisters by the way and one little brother)

Sissy was a German Shepherd I got from my fiancé's grandmother of course she was only a toddler at the time but it is funny how that worked out.

My first cat came from my grandmother she was Tippatina after a song my grandfather liked. Tina for short.

The next dog I got was in middle school when Sissy became my sisters dog much to my chagrin. He was a Belgian Sheepdog named Maurice.

Maurice became my youngest sisters dog. LOL Tina stayed my cat until she passed away.

Then I got Darkest and Wolf a black stray kitten and a Black sable German Shepherd. I got my little brother a puppy recently not going to lose Wolf.


From: PennyCC


I like the names you chose. Tippatina with a shortened version of Tina is my favorite.  Tippatina just sounds delightful to say.


From: Gaelspirit


Some of the pet names that stand out for me...the first dog I picked when I was 5, I called him Pinto because he was black and white and I loved horses, so he reminded me of a pinto pony. My mom named the next dog Happy cos he was a happy puppy, but I always hated that name, LOL. My first cat as an adult was Dusty, cos he was black and collected dust everywhere he went. Next cat Nikki I named after Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, LOL...another cat I named Rudy because he was such a BRAT as a kitten and I thought he was a rude little thing. Who horse I named Ciera because I thought she looked so majestic one day standing with the hilltop behind her, made me think of a mountain range which made me think Sierra mountains...I changed the spelling to a gaelic name. My cat Tabby came to me with a different name, because it turned out she had had a few names as a young cat because she moved from place to place without staying for long. I tried calling her the names people told me she was called and got no response from day I swear she said "my name is Tabitha", so I said "Tabitha?!" and she meowed, so that became her name. My present cat was named Andromeda at the shelter, but I shortened it to Andie, and she responded right away.

Fun to remember some of this! :)



From: PennyCC


I love these stories on how our pets got their names.  Thanks for sharing.


From: heim618


We have Cocoa (My wife prefers Coco) who is a Chocolate point Siamese.  Then there's Luna who was named because her coloring reminded me of the Moon, though most assume it is reference to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.  Then there is Midnight who is, of course, a black cat.  The last one is Isis which always raises an eyebrow, but she is a Savannah named for the Egyptian goddess, was around long before the Islamic state.

When I was a kid we had a dog named Jody.  He had a sister in the same litter who was named Buffy for the two kids in "Family Affair."


From: PennyCC


Your cats sound lovely. Your house must be interesting living with 4 cats, especially a Savannah.

Love the Family Affair names for your childhood dogs.

That's a beautiful picture!
I have a male Russian Blue kitteh named Hannibal. That too, raises an eyebrow! LOL

From: PennyCC


I really like dogs and cats who are gray. Now I have a blue miniature poodle named Dakota, whose coat turned from black to dark gray this past year. He will continue to lighten as he ages. He is almost 3 years now.