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Pet Holidays & Celebrations - Dec. & Jan.   Pet Talk

Started 12/10/17 by PennyCC; 163 views.

From: PennyCC


Sorry that I missed posting about National Mutt Day on December 2, but be sure to remember it for next year.

December is full of people events, but here are a few animal ones.

Also listed are pet events for January to get a jump on the New Year 2018.

December 2017

  • National Mutt Day: December 2
  • World Wildlife Conservation Day: December 4
  • National Day of the Horse: December 13
  • Visit the Zoo Day: December 27

January 2018

  • National Train Your Dog Month
  • Walk Your Pet Month
  • National Pet Travel Safety Day: January 2
  • National Bird Day: January 5
  • National Penguin Awareness Day: January 20
  • National Squirrel Appreciation Day: January 21
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From: PennyCC


December 13

National Day of the Horse

In 2004, Congress recognized the first official National Day of the Horse.  The text of the resolution states:

Encouraging citizens to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States and expressing the sense of Congress that a National Day of the Horse should be established.

Whereas the horse is a living link to the history of the United States;

Whereas, without horses, the economy, history, and character of the United States would be profoundly different; 

Read rest of article.

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