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Robotic Cats and Dogs   Pet Talk

Started 12/27/17 by PennyCC; 665 views.

From: PennyCC


How Robotic Cats and Dogs Are Providing Comfort to Seniors With Dementia

Otis looks like a cat. His orange, tabby fur feels soft, just like a kitten's. He even purrs, licks his paws, and rolls over like a feline. But Otis is not a real cat—he's one of Hasbro's Joy For All Companion pets, animatronic toys designed to interact with and bring comfort to the elderly.

The fact that Otis isn't a live cat doesn't seem to bother Joyce, a resident at Brookdale Belle Meade in Nashville, Tennessee, living with dementia. When Joyce first moved into Brookdale, she brought her pet cat, Otis, but when he became sick and passed away, Joyce experienced a cognitive decline, becoming easily agitated.

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From: PennyCC


Robotic Pets Are Helping Dementia Patients (HBO)

Benchmark Senior Living at Plymouth Crossings uses robotic pets to help brighten the mood of elderly residents, while also stimulating cognitive function. VI...

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From: PennyCC


Robotic Pets for Seniors

Hasbro recently announced a line of robotic pets for seniors. Veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan joins The Doctors to discuss the new cat companions designed to...

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From: PennyCC


Hasbro's Joy for All Pet, interactive puppy

Hasbro's Joy for All Pet is an interactive companion pet designed for adults and especially the elderly. Watch us try it out for ourselves and see how a "rea...


From: Teresa23


My niece has one since she has a fear of animals. The cat Bubbles helped her get rid of that fear.

From: PennyCC


That is an interesting way to help a child with fear of animals. I am glad that it worked for your niece.

Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


This article and forum have been featured in today's Delphi Daily News ~ Join In!


From: BlkLabsRule


Wow, this is a really neat idea. I could see where very realistic robotic animals could also help very small children prepare for a pet. A new pet is hard on a very young child sometimes especially when the new pet takes some of the attention away from the kid!