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FEATURED CAT: Lykoi   Cats

Started 12/29/17 by PennyCC; 669 views.

From: PennyCC



29 Dec 2017

The Lykoi, also called the Werewolf cat, is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat that has the appearance of a classic Hollywood werewolf, hence its name. The mutation has occurred in domestic cats over the last 20 years. Genetic testing done at UC Davis confirm that the cats do not carry the Sphynx/Devon gene. The Lykoi breed was developed in Vonore, Tennessee. The word lykoi means "wolves" in Greek.

The Lykoi is a partially or almost entirely hairless cat that is genetically distinct from the Sphynx. The hair coat is unique in appearance in that it resembles the coat of an opossum when mostly coated. Standards call for a solid black roan coat, a wedge-shaped head, and a lithe body of solid weight without excessive bulk. Lykoi are said to be friendly and unchallenging in their behavior. They display a high level of affection for their owners.

A unique characteristic of the cat breed is that the Lykoi sheds a lot when older but regrows its hair later in life depending on the season.

The missing coat of the Lykoi's face gives the breed a werewolfish appearance.

Continue reading at Wikipedia.

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From: PennyCC


Nature's Strangest Cat Breed?

A new feline breed called the Lykoi, or "werewolf cat," is appearing in feral cat populations all over the world. Subscribe for more videos: https://www.yout...

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From: PennyCC


Have You Seen The Werewolf Cats? 10 Facts About the Newest Cat Breed, the Lykoi

So you have been seeing all the photos of a so-called “werewolf cat?” Maybe you thought they were an internet joke, or maybe a cat with a skin problem? That’s not the case at all! They are a new breed of cat called “Lykoi,” and they’re taking over the internet!

Contrary to what many people think – Lykoi cats are not a new invention nor were they created in a lab by mad scientists! Their unique appearance is the result of a recessive natural mutation from typical domestic shorthair cats, that gives them the appearance of a werewolf.

Although these ‘werecats’ have been reported several times over the last 15 years or so, it wasn’t until two unrelated litters were found in Virginia and Tennessee that (after a lot of extensive testing) a breeding program began. That’s when they were named “Lykoi,” which roughly translates to “Wolf Cat” in Greek…a very fitting name for these unique cats!

Here are 10 Facts about Lykoi Cats, from their founding breeders, Brittney and Dr. Johnny Gobble of

1. Most of the Lykoi that we’ve found have been feral, strays, or in shelters. Most of the domestic cats used for breeding were also either strays, or even cats set to be euthanized simply because they were available as adults at a time when too many adorable kittens were also available (and we were able to get these kitties with the agreement we would do full health testing, have one or two litters, and then spay/neuter and place them in loving pet homes).

Read rest of article.

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The following website of a Lykoi breeder has lots of nice pictures and information about this unusual cat breed.

A Myth Comes To Life!

You have been seeing some random photos of a werewolf kitty? I bet you thought they were an internet joke! Or maybe you thought they were a cat with a skin problem? Let me assure you that these are very healthy cats and they are about to prove just how unique they really are! Once you have looked a Lykoi in the are under their spell! There is nothing more entertaining then introducing someone that doesn't even like cats to a Lykoi...and within minutes finding them sitting on the floor completely in love. So where did these cats come from? Perhaps from a long lost legend? We may never know!

Read more at:

krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


i like to go to TICA cat shows and I work in a cat shelter that accepts everyone,  yet i have never seen one of these.

i would have expected to have run into at least one in one of those environments.

Thanks for showing this it is exciting!


From: PennyCC


When I first read about these cats, I thought they were a hoax, but apparently they are real.  I don't think this particular mutation is great in number even if these lykoi cats are turning up in many countries. The breed was accepted in the TICA in 2012. So there are not that many breeders yet.

It would be cool to have a cat that you could say was a natural werewolf cat.  

yes i looked them up on the Net and found more of what you had posted with some good pictures. i can see why they checked for similar genetics to the "bald" cats and the "rex" cats and found them to be a completely different mutation.
I will be going to a TICA show in a couple weeks (Jan 26-28) and hope to see one there. Funny cause i have been to the TICA show in my area every year since before 2012 and i never even knew they existed.

thanks for posting something so unique!


From: PennyCC


If you see a Lykoi, can you post a picture here as well as on your own forum? 

I had fun the last time I went to a cat show but there isn't one around where I live until later this spring.  I too will check for this cat there.

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will like to and try to...i think my partner who goes with me is the pic taking expert. i may have to post them as attachments in forums/ will see.

it is certainly the most unusual cat i have heard about in long time