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My Hermit Crabs - 2018   Fish & Crabs

Started 1/23/18 by PennyCC; 425 views.

From: PennyCC


I have three hermit crabs that I have talked about in two previous threads. So for background, see the following.

Here are pictures from 2017 of the three crabs, which are sized small (Corrie), medium (Shelly), and largest (Hermie):

2017 PICTURE: Corrie (left) and Shelly (right)

2017 PICTURE:  Corrie (left) and Hermie (right)

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From: PennyCC


UPDATE ON HERMIT CRABS:  22 January 2018

When the crabs are getting close to molting (shedding their old exoskeleton), they do not move a lot when I take them out of their tank to play in the water, etc.  Corrie has had a lot of trouble moving. So I expect her to molt any time now.

Hermie, the largest crab, has been very silly. He went back to a previous shell which was smaller than the bronze colored shell he was in the later part of 2017. He must not like carrying a big shell around. When he molts again, he better accept a bigger shell or he will not have very much of himself protected in this shell.

Here are pictures of Corrie and Hermie I took this week. I put some lettuce in their playground and a part of a boiled egg, shell included, in a dish. I would have taken a picture of Shelly, but he was hiding out under a piece of bark.

Jan 2018: Shelly eating egg.

Shelly on the lettuce.

Largest Crab, Hermie, who went back to his previous shell.

Sometimes I think I like having hermit crabs because I like taking their pictures. I think they are cool looking.

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I love the pictures of them!