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TICA cat show Jan 27 Portland OR   Cats

Started 1/30/18 by krathyn1 (Phantom7031); 256 views.

a friend and I went to a cat show hosted by The International Cat Association (TICA). We saw many breeds and many show rings but did not see any Lykoi although we looked hard and asked. There are just too few of them. They are often euthanized when found because many vets do not know they are not ill with the shedding coat. We asked the clerk of the show and this is what she told us.

High points were: we stopped by a Cornish Rex benching area and the breeders were very willing to talk to us. They had two cats for show, a white male, four month old kitten there for his first show. They let my friend pet him extensively -she even kissed him. The other cat they had was an adult calico that I got to admire. 

At the end of the show we went to a special showing of Bengals. I saw a brown spotted tabby Bengal who looked exactly like my service cat David that I used to have. I had always believed he was part Bengal, after this show I believe he was all Bengal. I wrote about it in my Feline Forum.

There are four  other classes of  Bengals including Snow Bengals which have light coats and blue eyes. Each is lively and active and a large, capable cat. I was very lucky to have David when I had  him, he has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

It is a wonderful show we see every January in the area we live.



From: PennyCC


Thanks for posting here about your cat show.  Your David sounds like he was a beautiful cat.

I was quite taken with the idea of a snow bengal and looked it up for a picture.

Is this what the snow bengal looked like?

Read more about bengal cats at Urban Exotic Bengals.

quite a bit, i think the pic is a kitten.. but they are beautiful all their life span.

sorry we did not see any Lykoi (werewolf cats) which we first read about in this forum. they must be fabulous in person they were sure interesting here.

apparently there are only 30- 40 adults known to be alive and in captivity all over the world.