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UTI in female cat   Cats

Started 2/3/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 740 views.

My garbage gut cat is having problems urinating. Just started today but for the last two weeks she's been chewing on packing tape (loooooong story) and I hope that was not the cause.

Anyway I looked up home remedies and am going to try apple cider vinegar and broth or tuna juice. The latter is to make the former more appealing I take it. I wondered if anyone else had experience with this?

i would check with a vet asap.

there are special diets that can keep this condition from being worse.

if medication is recommended, any broth (chicken is popular) or tuna juice is a good bribe for most cats.

i had a  female cat with a Siamese background (heredity is commonly a factor) that peed blood and we  put her on a product called C/D which comes in both canned and dry types. The shelter often uses  a similar product called S/O.

In the meantime  most canned foods have less ash ( look for 3% or less on the label) than most dry foods and are prob safer than most dry foods which  can be up to 10-12 % ash.  Ash is a big factor in urinary disturbances in cats.


From: Greg_LC


Males tend to get a higher frequency of urinary issues but not unknown in females.  I agree, need to visit a vet just to be sure what the problem is.  Not good for ole garbage gut to not treat the right problem.


From: PennyCC


Sorry your cat is having this problem. When my dogs have it, I have to bring in a urine sample. I can't imagine that is easy to get from a cat.

Hope she is feeling better soon.

Thanks to you all for your concern and advice.

I'm glad I gave the ACV a try it had an immediate effect on her. I gave 1/8th of a teaspoon with a bit of canned tuna and water. (I added a little extra water to what it was packed in, and I bought low sodium to start with) and she finished that then ran in and used the litter box. She is not going as much as she normally wold but certainly better than the few drops she kept managing. I'll continue with it 3 times a day (I'm giving it to the other two as well my other female had this problem when she first arrived) for a few days and see if she ends up back to normal. If not I'll take her in.

In case anyone with a male cat and this problem is reading - don't attempt a home remedy as crystals can be deadly in males. Take to the vet as soon as you notice a problem.

once i took a cat who was having a similar problem to the vet and she was very obliging and wet on his table.. He said "I wanted a urine sample" and got a syringe and sucked it up.

Usually when a sample is needed from a cat at the shelter they use what seems to be a variation of a catheter...


From: PennyCC


I did not know Apple Cider Vinegar could be used for this problem. Glad she is feeling better.

all of us laughed, my friend with me, me, the vet and even the kitty, anyway she was not scolded and seemed happy about that.