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GUINEA PIG CARE: What type of bedding is best?   Pet Talk

Started Feb-9 by PennyCC; 104 views.

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One of the "cons" mentioned regarding having guinea pigs as pets is that there is an odor, especially around their cages. Here is a little information about different types of bedding you can use in guinea pig cages and how they affect any potential smells.

Different types of guinea pig bedding

If you are new to guinea pig ownership, one of your first questions will likely be, what can I use for guinea pig bedding?

Here, it is vital to know that only a handful of the many available bedding types are suitable and safe for guinea pigs. These include pine and aspen wood, paper, cloth and fleece.

Here are the main pros and cons for each of these suitable guinea pig bedding options.

Fleece Guinea Pig Bedding Pros and Cons

Fleece bedding for guinea pigs has become very popular. This bedding works differently than wood or paper. It doesn’t absorb liquid waste, but lets it soak through the top layer that remains dry.

You can use fleece guinea pig bedding alone or combine it with other guinea pig bedding ideas inside your piggie’s habitat.

Pros: Reusable/washable, economical, soft, guinea pigs like it.
Cons: Needs daily maintenance in potty areas, solid waste must be hand-removed.

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One thing that will make caring for guinea pigs easier is if you train them to use a corner litter box in their cages. This technique works well for rabbits and guinea pigs.

How to litter train your guinea pig

A quick video of my advice on litter training a guinea pig

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How To Prevent a Smelly Guinea Pig Cage

!REALLY WORKS! Our guinea pigs' cages have been smelling really bad lately, so my grandma suggested we do something different. So far this technique has work...

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Daily cleaning routine for a C&C guinea pig cage using vet bed or fleece

Quick video showing what I do on a daily basis in my cages. My handheld vacuum is a black & decker dust buster , you can use a pan and brush to sweep it up a...