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Peacock as Emotional Support Animal (ESA)   Pet Talk

Started 2/10/18 by PennyCC; 365 views.

From: PennyCC


Emotional Support Peacock Denied Seat on Plane

This bird may have to figure out another way to fly. A woman wasn't allowed to take her "emotional support peacock" on a United flight after the airline said...

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Emotional support peacock finally arrives in L.A. after plane ban, and yes we tracked his journey

The travels of Dexter the Peacock

In one week, Dexter the Peacock went from emotional support animal and art piece, into the most talked-about bird in America. 

On Jan. 28, Brooklyn artist Ventiko - or as Dexter refers to her, his "human" - attempted to board a United Airlines flight with her unusual pet to no avail. More than 10,000 people now follow the bird on Instagram.

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HA ha ha! So more an art or publicity stunt than an emotional support. That sucks actually makes a mockery of actual support animals.