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FEATURED CRITTER: Orchid Mantis   Other Critters

Started 3/5/18 by PennyCC; 584 views.

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5 Mar 2018

We have known about orchid mantises for more than 100 years. Famous naturalists such as Alfred Russell Wallace have speculated about their extraordinary appearance. Eschewing the drab green or brown of most mantises, the orchid mantis is resplendent in white and pink. The upper parts of its legs are greatly flattened and are heart-shaped, looking uncannily like petals. On a leaf it would be highly conspicuous – but when sitting on a flower, it is extremely hard to see. In photos, the mantis appears in or next to a flower, challenging the reader to spot it.

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Orchid mantis mimics flowers to attract prey

Nature never runs out of ways to leave us gaping in awe of how creatures and plants evolve to best suit their needs. Let's take a closer look at how an orchi...

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Adventures of an adolescent Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus)

This is the latest adventure of my sub-adult female orchid mantis. She'll soon molt an become a full-grown female. I made the video 3 days ago and you can se...

That's a great article and I'm keeping it open so I can read all the studies and stuff linked.

I posted it at my Bug Forum as well, and gave you credit for a great find!


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What attracted me to this particular insect (other than Preying Mantises are weird and wonderful), is that we bought an orchid for the first time several months ago and have it growing in the middle of our kitchen island. It looks a little like the one below. All the blooms lasted a good long time and now new flowers are coming in. We love the color and when I saw there was such a critter as an Orchid Mantis, I just had to read up on it.

Good for you! I usually see those ones blooming once and that's it! lol