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Two Puppies Or One   Dogs

Started 4/27/18 by HollyRivers; 1234 views.

From: HollyRivers


We have the puppies and so far everything is great, my son has a hard time letting his rest but he does but he keeps looking at the clock to see if its been long enough, he loves to swim in the pond. My girl follows me around the house and loves to play they have been apart most the time we have had them. They slept together the first night and the second night they were home the third night we separated them it was fine,

So far so good. My son is so good about taking care of his puppy I hope he continues, I think he will he has wanted a dog since he was three.


From: PennyCC


Thank you for coming back to share your experience. I would love to see some pictures if you can post some.

I am very happy your son got the puppy he has been dreaming of. It's a lot of work, but it will get easier.