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See my blue poodle change coat color   Dogs

Started 5/21/18 by PennyCC; 605 views.

From: PennyCC


Dakota is a miniature blue poodle. That means when he was born, his coat was entirely black, but as he became 2-3 years old, the black fades to a sort of charcoal gray. Here are a few pictures of Dakota to show how his coat is "clearing" (fading). He is presently 4 years old.

Dakota at 3 months sitting on our dish washer door. He looks like a black poodle pup.

Dakota at about a year. His face is turning grayish.

At two years, he is still pretty dark in the body, but his face is lighter.

Here he is at 4 years. Most of him is a dark grey (blue color) with his ears being darker than his face or body.

* * *

It is fun to watch a blue poodle "clear" to a dark gray. Each time I clip him now, he gets a little lighter in color.


From: Wolfenblu


He is beautiful that is unusual for dogs common in horses


From: Gaelspirit


He's beautiful either way, but I do kinda like how he grayed! :)



From: PennyCC


Thanks. When I went looking for a mini poodle, I found three different breeders that were breeding blue poodles. This is my first experience with that colored poodle.


From: PennyCC


I think he is pretty either way, but when blue poodles turn gray, it becomes more important to keep them well groomed. Scruffy gray dogs can look older than they are. Lucky for me, I groom my dogs myself, so I can keep them neat looking.

One advantage of the gray color is that you can see the dog's face in photos. Black dogs faces are hard to see in pictures.


From: ClickNTreat


Penny, that was really amazing seeing all the changes to Dakota's color. Noelle is a red. Her color has changed dramatically, too.

Our first day together on our way home from the breeder.

Four months.

One year

Two years

Now, almost three.

Hard to believe it's the same dog, but it is. Noelle is still considered a red poodle, just a very very very light red.


From: PennyCC


Noelle is, of course, gorgeous no matter what color she is, but I know that when you get a red poodle, it is a toss up if they will really retain that deep red color. The gray gene in poodles is pretty wide spread.

When I got my Portuguese Water Dog Phoenix, she was a chocolate brown, but within a year, she started faded and became what I would call a Cafe au Lait. I was very disappointed at first because I was not expecting the color change, but I got to like it after a while. She always was able to be seen in photographs because of her lighter color.


Phoenix as a puppy

Below Phoenix is one year old and starting to change colors.

And this was her final lighter color.


From: ClickNTreat


The color changes are amazing, aren't they? I wasn't surprised when Noelle faded. I met her mother when I picked up Noelle and she was a light apricot, father was red.