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State Laws that Protect Animals Left in Parked Vehicles   Animal Health

Started 5/25/18 by PennyCC; 771 views.

From: PennyCC


Is it illegal to leave your dog in a parked car? The answer to this question, of course, depends on in the state in which you live. Actually, 28 states have laws that either prohibit leaving an animal in confined vehicle under dangerous conditions or provide civil immunity (protection from being sued) for a person who rescues a distressed animal from a vehicle.

Most laws provide that the animal must be confined or unattended in a parked or stationary vehicle. For a person to violate the law, the conditions in the motor vehicle have to endanger the animal's life. Some of the statutes specifically state that extreme hot or cold temperatures, lack of adequate ventilation, or failing to provide proper food or drink meet this definition. Other laws simply state that the conditions pose an imminent threat to the animal's health or safety.

States with such laws typically allow rescue of the animal from the vehicle. This may involve forcibly entering the motor vehicle to remove the trapped animal. The majority of states limit their "rescue" laws to law enforcement, firefighters, animal control, first responders, or authorized humane officers. Recently, about 12 states have enacted laws that allow any person to rescue a distressed animal (AZ, CA, CO, FL, IN, KS, MA, OH, OR, TN, VT, and WI). These laws functions to limit the civil or criminal liability of the person for damages resulting from the forcible entry of the vehicle. Indiana is the first and only state to require the person who forcibly enters a vehicle to rescue an animal to pay half the damages. West Virginia and New Jersey are the only states that criminalize the act of leaving a pet unattended under dangerous conditions without providing a rescue and immunity provision for anyone.

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From: PennyCC


New laws in effect for Glendale pet owners

Officials said they're getting 10-15 calls per week for animals left in hot cars.


From: ronniecaffey


I will read this article now. You can post it here later if you want. It will be cool I think.


From: JoslynAh


I think that leaving a dog in a locked car is cruel!


From: PennyCC


I totally agree. People just don't think sometimes. I also hate to see a dog tied up in a backyard or left out in the cold.