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Why did you pick your dog breed?   Dogs

Started 5/31/18 by PennyCC; 940 views.

From: PennyCC


My husband and I both love dogs. I love cats as well but my DH has a terrible allergy to cats. So we cannot have cats. (Perhaps I'll get a Cryptokitty one day.)

Our first dog after we bought our home was a lab mix from the Humane Society. She was a great dog with a few behavioral issues, but we found out that my husband also has a slight allergy to dogs. So when we went looking for our next dog, we only considered non-shedding dogs and bought from breeders to make sure they would not shed.

We have owned Portuguese Water Dogs and Poodles ever since. They are both great dogs and want to please their owners. Below are a few pictures of our dogs.

Why did you get the breed of dog you have?

Lax mix Dominique & Portuguese Water Dog Dasher

Our Portuguese Water Dogs: Phoenix, Dasher, and Neeka

Our Poodle Dakota


From: DShadowZ


Well I didn't choose Belgian Sheepdogs they chose me. My grandfather had one I never met so when I got some money saved up I found a good working breeder who worked sheep with his and I bought Sassy as a present for my grandfather. He had some mixed breed dogs that he worked with our sheep but they were not very good and they were getting old.

Sassy however did not want to be my grandfathers dog she wanted to be mine, maybe she knew something because Grandfather never lived to see her grow up and become a great shepherds dog and a mother of 7 puppies of which I kept 5. Those dogs are all fine dogs and all mine except the one my sister got.

Really good question by the way.


From: PennyCC


I love the look of Belgian Sheepdogs and we even considered that breed at one time before we realized my husband was slightly allergic to dogs and we needed to have non-shedding breeds. We also had to admit to ourselves that we were not active enough to handle an energetic breed as Belgian Sheepdogs.

We were also a big fan of the Belgian Tervuren, which looks like a long haired German Shepherd to me.

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From: PennyCC


One of the things we did when looking for a new dog was complete one of those online questionnaires of what dog would fit our lifestyle. 

Below is a link to such a quiz.  When I completed it just now, the dog they thought I would like most was the Border Terrier, which is very interesting because that was one of the breeds we considered strongly. The runners up were a few other small terriers and miniature poodle, which is the breed we got a few years ago.




I have never gone out or bought nor even really selected a pet, my personal pets have all been rescue or feral types.  The cat above is a fully tailless Manx that was a kitten of a feral adult, all the others were given away, he stayed close and in the house until he got pizzaed on the roadway.  The Chihuahua was a running loose rescue, doing fine and is no further away from me than a healthy gas attack.  My prior dogs were a 20 pound Doxie and a 7 pound Papillon that lived their whole lives with me, the doxie came via my parents, the pap was a pound puppy.

HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


Corgi owner here, but it is debatable if we own her or she owns us.

Personality was the reason. She used to be a show dog but got cysts of her ovaries, removed same, end of breeding and show life when we got her. Very well behaved and intelligent. She loves everybody.


From: kizmet1


I wanted a white, female,toy poodle puppy. Somehow, I ended up with a brown, male, minature mostly grown poodle. My mother called childhood neighbors who bred and showed poodles and others. We went to visit. Only available one was too big , too old and too frisky. Went home feeling sad. A few months later we got a call to see a half-brother. I didn't want to go but my mother forced me. The dog jumped on the couch I was on and sat on my skirt so I couldn't move. I was petrified he would bite me if I did. He went home with us that day. He was already called Rebel and he lived up to it. Refused to sleep in the kitchen. Cried and howled until he was taken to sleep outside my br. Wouldn't give my mother her chair until she made dinner. Wouldn't let her wake me in the morning (I had mono and anemia). He would walk around the edge of my bed, playfully nipping at her until she left the room.
I feel like he died just last week but it has been a lifetime. I don't think I can ever love a dog like I loved this one.

From: PennyCC


I love your description of Rebel. He does sound like a dog of a lifetime. I wish we could keep them longer.


From: kizmet1


It is like they are trained by guardian angels.  In fact, there were times when he would be gazing at something only he could see and all if a sudden his ears would wiggle or he would #### his head like he was taking orders.  I would look all around the see if a fly ir spider was on the wall but there was nothing there.


From: PennyCC


Once I was outside taking pictures of a pretty bird in the backyard, not watching where I was stepping, and I fell over some uneven surface and sprained my ankle. I was lying there on the ground in pain trying to figure out if I could get up, and my dog Phoenix burst through the doggie door and froze, looking at me very intently, just as if she knew I was in dire straights. That gave me the courage to get up and hobble inside where my husband sat completely unawares that I had hurt myself.

Yes, I do think our dogs are little angels who help us in so many ways. They deserve the best we can give them.