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What happens when a family member did not want a pet?   Pet Talk

Started 6/15/18 by PennyCC; 795 views.

From: PennyCC


In a lot of families, it is one or two people who want a puppy or a kitten but not everyone is in agreement. It can be very sad when that happens because it is best for the pet and for the family if everyone is working together to care for the pet.

When I was a child, my sister and mother and I wanted a dog and we got one who was very sweet, but my father did not want it. Eventually he took the pet to the animal shelter because he did not want it around. This is one of the things I have held against my father since then. So I know it can be bad or it can work out if someone in the family is not in favor of having a new pet.

The following story is very sweet about a girl whose live-in boyfriend decides to get a bird, and she does not really want one. 

Opinion | My Parakeet Loves RuPaul

One of the best things about pets is convincing yourself that they share your taste.

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From: PennyCC


What happened in your family if someone didn't want a pet while the others did?  Did it work out?


From: DarkestWolf


This happened in my family when I was a kid I wanted a German Shepherd my sister wanted a Chihuahua. I told my parents I would rather have no dog then a Chihuahua. So they let us each get what we wanted mine was a puppy from a breeder I paid for myself hers was from a rescue and was about a year old and not a purebred. I took my dog to training class. Meanwhile Brandi the Chi drove my parents and my sisters nuts barking all the time. Eventually my mother gave her to an older woman who had lost her chi. My sister never researched Chihuahuas she never read a training book. She just saw one on tv and fell in love.

She now has another dog a Schipperke she shows in agility, she researched carefully and got her from a breeder, she is also older and understands more about dogs now. I think Brandi taught us a valuable lesson and I am happy she got a home better suited for her our house was too active she needed a quieter life.


From: Gaelspirit


Happened in my family too...we had a dog who was part Weimeraner and part German Short Haired Pointer, and he was around 95 lbs full grown. My father was afraid of him, and the dog did not like or trust my father, so he growled at him a couple times. My father made my mom choose him or the dog, so she kept him and took the poor dog to the shelter. :(  The problem was always my father...the dog was fine with the rest of us. 




From: Queen0Wolves


My grandmother had birds, cats, dogs, and a goat that wanted to be a house pet. She raised me and my sibs after my mother died shortly after having my youngest brother. We grew up with pets in the house and in the farm yard.

In high school I was dating this boy. I knew only me or my brother could go to college so I wanted him to go since he was smarter then me and I didn't want to do anything but run a farm and be a wife.

I thought I was in love with and would marry this boy I was dating until I invited him home for dinner and he saw we had dogs in our house as well as cats. He told me he didn't like animals in the house and he didn't want a dog at all.

I broke up with him and told him it was over my border collie Spirit is my best friend, I couldn't imagine not having her. Even at sixteen I knew I did not want someone like him for a husband.

I had to wait five more years to find someone who loved dogs and other animals like I do, and he and I have been married four years and we finally have a human kid to join our fur kids.

I saw the ex boyfriend recently and he told me I was not the first to turn him down for a dog. Lots of smart ladies out there. I think when someone is going to get married they should ask their partner how they feel about kids dogs and a lot of things.


From: PennyCC


I would never be happy with a guy who did not like either cats or dogs because I have to have at least one of those animals. My husband is allergic to cats. So I don't have those, but since we have been married I have had rabbits, different breeds of dogs, and small cages pets like gerbils and hermit crabs. 

We like to have two dogs at a time. One of them spends a lot of time with my husband, and the other is my dog. They are both our dogs, but we each have our favorite.


From: Queen0Wolves


So many young people are so willing to give up things they love for love, but if they really loved you they wouldn't make you give them up I believe, I think my husband really didn't like cats that much but he accepts them. My grandmother loves her kitties and she lives with us, and he adores her.


From: Alisia7788


Usually this member gets used to a pet and starts loving it as other members. 

i work in a cat shelter it is one of the first questions we ask prospective adopters, are all of you in the family wanting a cat or kitten?

when i was dating my almost husband my cat sat between us trying to keep us apart. we did marry for seven years, however the cat went with me, and i had her several more years on my own.

watch animal body language when dating someone if you already have an animal, if they are friendly toward the new person or if there are signs of it does not like your prospective mate.


From: DarkestWolf


as a breeder I do the same thing and ask them to bring their family to meet the puppy.

When I met my wife she came to look at puppies with a friend she is a very buy from a breeder advocate my dogs all like her so I asked her out. I had ran into a few times before she was with a guy so I assumed, wrong lucky for me that was her boyfriend nope a cousin and friend.