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Dogs Aid Research by Tracking Turtles   Dogs

Started 6/17/18 by PennyCC; 109 views.

From: PennyCC


Dogs help researchers track turtles

OAKWOOD — It's sunny and cool early Wednesday morning in a quiet, mostly empty campground at Kickapoo State Park.

John Rucker sits at a picnic table next to his tent eating his usual in-the-field breakfast of oats and raisins. His turtle-hunting dogs spent the night close by in makeshift pens in the back of Rucker's well-worn 1992 red minivan that's logged more than 400,000 miles across 10 states, carrying Rucker and his dogs to various turtle-hunting jobs.

Sometimes oats are also lunch and supper for Rucker. It's difficult to take eight Boykin Spaniels to a local restaurant or hotel. So Rucker, who prefers "a tent to anything," makes do at local campgrounds, like the one at Kickapoo where he's spent the last three nights with little more than a tent, his van, a little food, a couple water containers, a few bags of clothes and a guitar.

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