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Helping older dogs get around   Dogs

Started 6/22/18 by PennyCC; 185 views.

From: PennyCC


We know that as we age, we sometimes need a little help getting around. Maybe we have to use a cane or even a walker. But what have you done to help your older dogs get around?

My Portuguese Water Dog Phoenix used to sleep on our bed, but as she got around 13 years, she started falling off the bed at night. I didn't want her to feel bad but I wanted her to feel safe. So I took a twin mattress and box spring and put in on the floor between our king bed and the wall. Then I put 2 steps in front of it, and she was able to step onto the twin bed and sleep next to us at night. She was not excluded from being near us, yet we could keep her safe. See picture below.

I also had to put a step by the couch in the living room when she could no longer jump onto the couch. Phoenix did not shed and I always let our dogs onto our furniture.

Share your stories of how your helped your older dog.

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Girls' father builds ramp to help dog with bad knees

Getting up the stairs on your own can be rough, especially if you're an 11-year-old dog with bad knees.

So, Julia Silver's dad decided to build a ramp for their dog Jonas outside their Los Angeles home.

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Help dogs use stairs!

Wanted to share this way to help your aging or injured dog use the stairs with some support from you. Oz's Daddy made this up for Biggie, who would get nervo...