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Hi :)   Welcome & Introduction

Started Feb-10 by Nan (NanDee); 165 views.

Hi mine is mixed terrier. Millie gets car sick only. I wonder if anyone has advice :)



From: SheGrowls


Hi there.

This is Néroli, my 8 months old Cane Corso baby girl.  She is currently in training school and growing like a turbo powered weed.  Néroli is my PTSD service dog and PTSD related Tachycardia medical alert dog.  


From: PennyCC


I have had several dogs that get car sick. If Millie is young, she might grow out of it. Make sure you don't feed her near the time she is going for a car ride. Try to make the car ride a smooth experience. My husband likes to drive fast around the curves. We have several discussions about him doing that.

Make the car trips short at first and she how long she can go before she starts to get car sick.

There are homeopathic solutions like Rescue Remedy that may or may not help.

Now my dog Dakota curls up in his car seat and can tolerate short car trips if it is a smooth ride.


Well I'm glad. Funny you sound like my dear departed about slowing down lol And she never bought my explanation:

"This is California honey, I don't go fast and we will get rear ended" Lol

Have been doing those things short drives. It was exactly and every 2 miles! Since discovering the excitement of the breeze in her hair things got better. Trying to let her get her sea legs while heads out thy he window. 2 trips went a little longer with no sickness so we are getting there. Last was to get her booster shots and they gave her treats that ended up in my lap! 

Also I can wait 5-6 hours until she is crying with hunger and she still lets chunks go. I'm thinking digestive? Super hyper as all puppies are. She is a love but I need her to travel I am so far from family.


From: PennyCC


It is hard to figure out how to get a dog to travel well in a car if they are not so inclined. Puppies will get better as they age. So your dog will get better.

I use Prozyme digestive enzymes in my dogs canned food. It helps them digest their food better. I have a poodle who is prone to throwing up a lot. Digestive aids do not eliminate the problem but I think it makes it better (throws up less and is easier to clean).

I try to protecti the dog seat with towels, put a rubber backed rug on the car seat and having clean-up supplies in the car.  Waterless shampoo to clean up the dog on the road.

You can ask your vet for some drugs that might help, but ask about side effects if you decide to go that route.

I live in central Illinois and whenever we have to drive on the highways around Chicago, I do believe the "California guidelines" you mentioned are necessary. You do have to keep up with the speed of traffic. However, I think it is harder for my dogs to endure curvy side streets than fast highway traffic.

Good luck with you endeavor to make your dog a traveling pooch.

Dakota, the running, jumping, sometimes traveling poodle