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Tiger needs vaccines   Animal Health

Started 4/30/19 by darksky12; 63 views.

From: darksky12


I have another problem or decision.  So he got vaccinated last year at this time.  I have getting emails from vet's office saying Tiger due for his next vaccines and other tests.  Its a home vet that come to home because i don't drive. When he came and left and didnt see the itemized bill.  Since I have CareCredit, i used that for the payment.  I didn't realize i would pay on that bill for a while. The vaccines were 40.00 a piece and intestinal parasite screening was 48 dollars, physical exam was 59.00.  and the shocker was 100.00 for house call.  I dont know if I can swing it this time. Since you worked at a shelter, do all cats need to be vaccinated?.  Are there cat owners that dont get the vaccines that yu know. Any advice or comment would be so appreciated.