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Do you think certain dog breeds should be banned?   Dogs

Started 1/25/17 by PennyCC; 413 views.

From: PennyCC


There are often news stories about a pit bull mauling or killing someone.  I have to admit that I would probably stay away from a pit bull being walked in the neighborhood.

But should these "dangerous" dogs be legally banned.  It is called Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) or Breed Discrimination Laws (BDL).

What is YOUR opinion?

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krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


this often spreads to German Shepherds, large dogs "PresaCanario" and others that are perceived as vicious

many apartment complexes have bans on such breeds

in my own opinion, it should be dog by dog, if members of a breed have been obnoxious, they  may have to get what they deserve--but, there are members of breeds who are just fine.

i work in an animal shelter and we get more than the usual share of these breeds and their crosses, and work to socialize them and train them.

Personal : A good friend of mine is totally blind and her guide dog is a GSD.

she has to give people a lot of literature in order to get over other people's fears.



From: PennyCC


I think people who have smaller dogs are more in fear of these "dangerous" breeds. You hear a lot of stories about pit bulls attacking dogs.

I know GSDs can attack people or dogs, but I think of Rin Tin Tin when I think of GSDs. So it is not hard for me to imagine them being good seeing eye dogs.

It is always the bad dogs or bad dog owners that ruin it for dogs that are good tempered and properly trained. Because of that, we get rules that restrict certain breeds.

krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


all true--and i have seen some horror stories myself

but i am all for having people train and socialize their dogs, whatever breed (I have also seen some pretty vicious Chihuahua's!)



From: PennyCC


I agree. Some owners of small dogs do not think they need to train their dog because it is small. Thus, they give the whole breed a bad reputation.

krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


imo all dogs deserve good training and socialization. after that it is a dog by dog, not whole breed situation.



From: Gaelspirit


I agree with what We5 had to say...I don't believe any breed dog is a "bad" dog. It's how they are trained, not trained, or raised. Pitbulls get a bad rep a lot of the time. I have friends with pits and they are the sweetest dogs. There are people who buy those "bully" breeds because they want to seem badass or whatever, but those are the very people who should not have them. I was bitten in the belly by a German Shepherd when I was a little kid, but it didn't break skin or anything. I was never afraid of that dog tho because he had been trained as a police dog. I was playing with his master's kid, so naturally he was a little protective when we got too rambunctious. Also when I was younger I was afraid of Rottweilers because of "The Omen" movies...those dogs always scared me for some reason. Then one day I was at a music festival and just standing there listening to the band, and this Rottweiler came up to me (without her owner) and she sat by my side and leaned against my leg. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but her eyes were so kind that I relaxed and pet her. It cured my fear of the breed then and there. The owner finally caught up with her and apologized, said she never did that to anyone before. Animals "know" when people are good, just as they sense when there is danger or something to be afraid of. 

When I worked as a dog groomer (not that long), I had to work on many breeds of dogs, large and small. I found the big dogs generally easier to work on and they were generally friendlier than the little ones who always seemed to have a busy mouth, if ya know what I mean. We did have one pitbull that came to the salon who was people friendly but dog-aggressive, so he had to come in the back entrance and be kept away from the other dogs while working on him. He was an absolute sweetheart tho with all of us., I don't feel certain dog breeds should be banned...they should do it on a case by case situation, imo. 


I think people should be licensed before owning certain breeds,. It is not the dogs that are the problems.

I witnessed a pit bull attack a full grown black lab who we had on leash. The pit leaped over the fence and attacked and it took three grown men to remove the dog. I had two infants with me to protect so yes it has certainly made me wary. The owner did all the right things and was RIGHT there with a leash to try and control his dog. He paid for the lab's vet bills and knew the bite would be reported. The dog was a family pet, not trained as a guard dog or ever encouraged to fight. I can't recall if it was an intact male (this was many years ago) but I don't think that was the case. In my opinion it was the product of backyard breeders who do not know what they are doing and an owner who would not have the history. 

A couple of years after that in the same neighborhood another neighbor was breeding pit bulls in his backyard. Two intact males were allowed to live together and escaped, they attacked a shar pei  who was walking on leash and it again took several men to pull the attacking animal off while the other one was held back.

In both cases the dogs attacked were fixed adult females.

Strict regulations for breeding/owning these animals are necessary in my opinion, not banning.

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


I like that idea. Certain breeds can be more high-strung or susceptible to abuse, so before owning them, I think those owners should be license, and they shouldn't be allowed to sell them or give them away except to another licensed/approved person. In addtion, the breeding of certain breeds should be restricted. Again, I don't think it is so much because of the dog, but because of the sorts of people who can be drawn to them. I have known some absolutely angelic pitts and rotties, but I have also known some people who should not own them...heck, probably shouldn't own any dog.