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Grooming long haired cats- FURminator   Cats

Started 9/13/17 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 2462 views.

I have one Domestic Longhair cat and with regular combing with a Furminator, he does not develop mats. Hairballs are a different story! he licks and licks.

I actually got this tool  when i had a Persian mix who had fur i would describe like cotton candy, he would mat when you just looking at it.
We discovered that the product used for kids, No More Tangles, was helpful when sprayed on the brush, to release some of the smaller about to form mats. We took him to a groomer monthly to have a bath and brush, and tried to stay ahead of mats forming. In June we regularly had him shaved so he could grow a whole new coat, be cool and get used to the brushings slowly 

I use a cup of cold water to put the fur in as i brush and it sticks together in there as i get he combings off the brush.  I am not aware of a button on it, i always just pull the clumps  of fur out of the brush by hand.


So far regular brushing has prevents mats but it is winter so we'll see how it goes in the summer.

krathyn (Phantom7031) said:

Hairballs are a different story! he licks and licks.

we keep a crock of coconut oil out (here it's pretty much always a solid) and that helps with bringing them up lol


i think some coats are like cotton candy (think most Persians) and others are silky so the coat does not usually stick together.


i have found a half tsp of cooking or olive oil added to his food every month is helpful. He also sometimes will eat a couple of Vet Science Laboratories Hairball treats that help with skin and coat health--these taste pretty good to him (he is a picky eater)

we can keep him from throwing up for about six weeks-two months.

There is a Greenies product that are Hairball Control treats but you have to give like 16 of them at a sitting and he  got tired of them. The hairball control lasted really well though, and we just brushed otherwise.

The reason I can't use coconut oil is i am allergic to coconut.


All three of mine have different coats, my cotton candy girl is the one that matted pretty bad last summer.

krathyn (Phantom7031) said:

The reason I can't use coconut oil is i am allergic to coconut.

Aha that makes sense!

Sounds like you have different cats with different needs. i have had mostly shorthairs until this last two. the Persian mix had really cotton candy fur and yet, when i fell in love with Makenna at the shelter, I was no longer afraid of having a Long haired cat. He has the silky kind of fur and combed daily never mats.

I have the number of the groomer i used with George but i have not had to use it.

it seems a good solution for many people and their cats.

we are always on the lookout for hairball control tips though. Makenna is a compulsive bather and his fur is long and he has a rather slow digestive tract so we are always trying to keep the fur balls off the floor.