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How to Move with Your Pets   Pet Talk

Started 8/22/17 by PennyCC; 998 views.

From: PennyCC


How to Move When You Have Dogs and Cats

Packing up and relocating can be a logistical nightmare, and having pets may only complicate matters. Here are tips to make moving less stressful.


From: Gaelspirit


Something weird is going on...when I click on the link at the bottom of your post it takes me to the vigilink website....on another forum, a friend posted a link for her new book on Amazon and that also took me to vigilink. Could be a Delphi issue? Not sure.   *** edited to add, I went to Hosts forum after this and there are other posts with the same issue, going back some 6 months. Apparently it's only happening to some people, and they all happen in the "classic mode" forums only. Hope they fix it!



From: Gaelspirit


Doesn't work either...I haven't checked other links. I just hope the bug, whatever it is, won't force all of us who are still classic forums to switch over to zeta. 


From: PennyCC


Sorry. This is a weird bug. Did you try copying and pasting the link in a new window?

I got used to zeta from the beginning and don't use classic. So unless someone tells me there is a problem, I don't know. Please let me know if this happens again.


From: Gaelspirit


No, wouldn't work that way either. Hopefully they will fix the problem. They didn't respond to my last post to Cstar. 


It's been an ongoing problem. It's blocked with Zeta but I guess they are still working on it with Classic. It's a program the Times and other websites are participating in.

You can still read the linked articles just click the link on that page

You can opt out and I think you will not see that redirect. You need to opt out with each browser and Viglink places an opt out cookie on your browsers, so don't remove it or you will start seeing their ads again.




Works fine on Windows 7 Pro with Explorer 11 in Classic view for me.

I dislike the NYT and some other papers that are used as advertising vehicles unless you subscribe, the vigilink loop/link is a real PIA that sometimes locks up or delays the actual link for a long time.  My link loops through THEN to NYT.

I get this piece of crapola notice also

Why am I seeing this?

At VigLink, we empower content creators to connect enthusiastic consumers with products written about in the publisher's content. The publisher whose site you left gives VigLink the ability to identify the same product across various merchants and bring you to this destination. VigLink shopping allows you to choose where you want to shop, and ensures you're getting the best possible price.

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