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FEATURED GUINEA PIG: Peruvian   Other Mammals

Started Jan-3 by PennyCC; 489 views.

Off topic:

Does it taste any different than the typical kitchen pet of the Peruvians?


From: PennyCC


Why did you have to say that, Warren?   I know many animals we consider pets are eaten by people somewhere in the world. It is just something I don't like to think about.

(Doesn't all unusual types of meat taste like chicken?)

Not at all, the rabbits we raised were white meat but certainly not chicken, same for the bantams and doves.  A neighbor raised quail as well, everything remotely like food has its own character.  My cousins had Guinea Fowl, ducks and geese as well as turkeys, all meat animals.  We ate Ferdinand, a young sort of pet bull we raised from a calf on a teat bucket to on the table.  Rural folks, hunters and farmers are pragmatic, if it is food, it gets eaten.


From: PennyCC


I would starve if I were a farmer. I just don't have the "right stuff" to handle raising food animals.  My green thumb is not so green either.