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Ear Cropping and Tail Docking   Pet Talk

Started 5/25/18 by PennyCC; 2876 views.

From: PennyCC


I understand what you are saying. That is why in England, they banned tail docking for cosmestic reasons but still allow it for working dogs. So if a certain breed like a weimaraner were not a working dog, I suppose they would not allow its tail to be docked. But if it were used in sports, it would be legal to dock his tail.

I personally wish that my poodle Dakota had about 3 inches cut off his tail so that it would be straighter. I am always having to move the end of his tail out of the way when I am working on his coat, or even just putting a coat on him in the winter.  Not a big deal, but it is annoying.

I think that extremely short docks are horrible, both for the dog and for the appearance of the dog, but I guess I like my dogs will tails.

No pitchfork here either.


From: PennyCC


ClickNTreat said:

Many dogs were bred assuming their tails would be docked, so they selectively bred for other traits. You know how a Labrador retriever has a thick strong tail with lots of hair? It was bred to be undocked. Weimaraners, vizslas, pointers, spaniels, they did not consider the tail during breeding so their tails are completely inappropriate at full length.

I think Dakota's tail is so curly just for that reason. Because poodles are usually docked, the breeder did not take into account the curl of the tail if the poodles were undocked.  If a breeder always had undocked poodles, I would hope they would start considering how the tail looks more. I agree that Dakota's undocked tail is in no danger of being injured like the other dogs you described.  His curly tail is tucked up out of the way and is unlikely to get caught on anything.


From: ClickNTreat


This gives you an idea of Noelle's dock. Her tail is the same height as her head, carried straight up at 12 o'clock. I can never get a picture of her tail at full height, because it's usually wagging too much. Still, Noelle has a really nice tail set. Right now she's in a continental clip, but that clip is going bye bye because it's a ton of work to maintain, but it suits her nicely.

I think my favorite part of this clip is it shows off her docked tail.


From: PennyCC


I love Noelle's tail. It is the perfect length IMO.

And she does look marvelous in that clip, but she might enjoy a cooler shorter "do" for the summer.


From: ClickNTreat


I think my favorite part about the continental is it delights children everywhere we go. Some kid says, "Mommy, a poodle, a real poodle!" and I laugh. Noelle is heat intolerant and so am I, so long hair in the summer isn't an issue. We don't go out when it is hot. Noelle wants to be wherever I am, so it works out.

Yes, I like the tail length. Long enough of a dock to make her tail stand up straight and proud. I saw a lovely standard poodle who had a tiny tail. It threw the balance off completely.


From: DarkestWolf


Lovely dog

Anyway I am agreeing about broken tails in my case it happened to a friends Great Dane.

Also dew claws are fine if they lay nice and straight, German Shepherds usually have dew claws only on the front and they usually are straight and don't bother them. But I had one puppy in my last litter who had an unattached dew claw I had it removed  because he was going to be a working dog and it would get caught on things. Because it stuck out and flopped around. It was for his own safety not to make him look better.

Leave the ears alone!

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From: Wolfenblu


I never thought about docking that way thanks.

dew claws if they are sticking out only attached by skin not bone or muscle need to be removed. It would be very painful to get those stuck on something