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Ear Cropping and Tail Docking   Pet Talk

Started 5/25/18 by PennyCC; 2878 views.

From: ClickNTreat


I think my favorite part about the continental is it delights children everywhere we go. Some kid says, "Mommy, a poodle, a real poodle!" and I laugh. Noelle is heat intolerant and so am I, so long hair in the summer isn't an issue. We don't go out when it is hot. Noelle wants to be wherever I am, so it works out.

Yes, I like the tail length. Long enough of a dock to make her tail stand up straight and proud. I saw a lovely standard poodle who had a tiny tail. It threw the balance off completely.


From: DarkestWolf


Lovely dog

Anyway I am agreeing about broken tails in my case it happened to a friends Great Dane.

Also dew claws are fine if they lay nice and straight, German Shepherds usually have dew claws only on the front and they usually are straight and don't bother them. But I had one puppy in my last litter who had an unattached dew claw I had it removedĀ  because he was going to be a working dog and it would get caught on things. Because it stuck out and flopped around. It was for his own safety not to make him look better.

Leave the ears alone!

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From: Wolfenblu


I never thought about docking that way thanks.

dew claws if they are sticking out only attached by skin not bone or muscle need to be removed. It would be very painful to get those stuck on something