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Ear Cropping and Tail Docking   Pet Talk

Started 5/25/18 by PennyCC; 1863 views.

From: Mrini786


Well,this banned in India too. Earlier Dobbermann and Rottweiler commonly underwent through tail docking. But after the stricter rules it almost rare to see breeds with docked tails. So stricter rules I guess is teh answer.

  • Edited June 1, 2018 10:27 am  by  PennyCC

i wish no one had ever thought of doing things like this as a cosmetic improvement. Dogs are often at their prettiest when they feel their best.

How can they always feel their best when people mutilate them?

You are prob right about the stricter rules.


From: DShadowZ


I think its unnecessary as well. But I am a Belgian Sheepdog fancier so I really guess I have no horse in this race.

Penny I think Dakota is beautiful the way he is.

i don't really have a dog in this race myself either because i am mainly a cats person. But i am against mutilating an animal for any perceived appearance or convenience of owners.
I am against declawing of cats, too.


From: PennyCC


I am sorry to say that I had one cat declawed when she was tearing up the apartment that we were living in. I was stupid and young but blame myself for being ignorant on how to handle her misbehaving and I also blame the vet who told me that it was no big deal as long as the cat was kept inside. This cat later started biting people because I am sure she felt defenseless without her nails. I am totally against this practice and wish that vets would council people to consult animal trainers or behaviorist instead of offering surgery to handle cats scratching up doors, walls, and furniture.

yes they used to say it was a common and normal surgery, but we  now know it is an amputation and many if not most declawed cats have more issues with biting and more litter box problems than non declawed cats.
the shelter i work for will terminate an adoption if they find a potential adopter plans to declaw a cat, although we will allow people who want them to adopt a cat we have that has already been declawed.
We generally do behavioral consults and we counsel new adopters to provide cats with scratching posts and have the claws trimmed regularly to prevent issues like "tearing up the apartment"

which has caused some returns of otherwise healthy and well adjusted cats.

Fewer veterinarians are offering this service as an ordinary service, and in some states and in most European countries it is now illegal.


From: ClickNTreat


I'm going to come out as pro tail docking. Before you get out the pitchforks, and run me out of town, here me out.

Certain breeds were never meant to have long tails, and the weimaraner is one of them. Weimaraners have a long and very thin whip like tail. They can break their tails easily. As hunting dogs, they need to be able to be in the field hitting bushes and brambles without snapping their tails. Our neighbor's dalmatian, who had a tail similar to an undocked weimaraner, broke her tail on a coffee table. It was excruciating for the dog.

Puppies do not have fully functional nervous systems at birth. They cannot hear, and cannot see, and it is quite possible they cannot experience pain, certainly not at the same level as an adult dog. Many puppies sleep through having their tails docked. Veronica did not sleep through her broken tail. She screamed in agony. It was heartbreaking. She was wagging, happy to see everybody, and bang, broke her tail. And that was a dalmatian, not a traditionally docked breed like weimaraners, viszlas, pointers, etc. Their natural tails are longer and even more whip like than a dalmatian's tail. Having seen first hand what a broken tail looks like, and feels like to an adult dog, if I ever get a weimaraner again, I'll make sure it's a docked tail. 

I believe ear cropping is cruel and pointless. Ditto with declawing. But, having seen what a broken tail looks like, I'm pro tail docking on traditionally docked dogs. It's not cosmetic and it really does serve a purpose.

no pitchforks. Thank you for presenting a side to this i have not heard before.


From: ClickNTreat


Here's a link to an x-ray of a broken tail.

The case for tail docking

Sweden's all out ban experience:

"Since docking was banned in Sweden in 1989, there has been a massive increase in tail injuries amongst previously docked breeds. Within the 50 undocked Pointer litters registered in that year with the Swedish Kennel Club, 38% of dogs suffered tail injury before they were 18 months old and in 1991, the number of individuals with tail injures had increased to 51% of the group. "

So your dog has a 50 50 chance of having a traumatic injury to the tail resulting in amputation. I've seen pictures of spaniels who have stripped all the flesh from their too long tails. Is it crueler to prevent these injuries through docking? Sweden's all out ban on tail docking caused more problems than it solved. At four days, carried out at a vet, docking is as humane as neutering and spaying. Do you want to know how many docked dogs suffered tail injury? None.

Many dogs were bred assuming their tails would be docked, so they selectively bred for other traits. You know how a Labrador retriever has a thick strong tail with lots of hair? It was bred to be undocked. Weimaraners, vizslas, pointers, spaniels, they did not consider the tail during breeding so their tails are completely inappropriate at full length.

Poodles are traditionally docked because hunters used their tails as flags in the cold water. Poodles are docked at the tip and have very strong tails. An undocked poodle is not going to suffer the same fate as an undocked weimaraner. So, I'm totally on board with either docked or undocked poodles. My poodle has an extremely long dock. My breeder said, "I don't want my poodles running around looking like they have a Chicken McNugget on their @ss." I also love the look of an undocked poodle. That full tail is a glorious thing. Poodle tails are thick and strong. Docking is not necessary for poodles, just traditional. And I like the long tails, even on my docked poodle her tail is really long. Would I consider getting a poodle with an undocked tail? Absolutely yes. A weimaraner? Absolutely not.


From: PennyCC


I understand what you are saying. That is why in England, they banned tail docking for cosmestic reasons but still allow it for working dogs. So if a certain breed like a weimaraner were not a working dog, I suppose they would not allow its tail to be docked. But if it were used in sports, it would be legal to dock his tail.

I personally wish that my poodle Dakota had about 3 inches cut off his tail so that it would be straighter. I am always having to move the end of his tail out of the way when I am working on his coat, or even just putting a coat on him in the winter.  Not a big deal, but it is annoying.

I think that extremely short docks are horrible, both for the dog and for the appearance of the dog, but I guess I like my dogs will tails.

No pitchfork here either.