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Tiger needs vaccines   Cats

Started 4/30/19 by darksky12; 226 views.

First of all, let me congratualate you on getting him his shots and physical update. He will be around a lot longer for you and have a healthy life and you have done well, we know it isn't easy especially in the finances department.

every cat is different just like every human is different. Fancy Feast is a nutritionally complete food for cats, if you read the label you will see that it passes the inspections of the AAFCO which is a company which makes its business to check on animal nutrition. This is the best thing you can do for your cat is feed him something he likes that is also Complete and balanced for all life stages of cats, which is what AAFCO is saying it is. There are many foods on the market and many of them meet this requirement.
If he likes Fancy Feast pates, he is doing fine.
I have heard of Fresh Pet and seen it given as a treat only in the shelter. I have little knowledge of its nutritional value. Thinking that it is probably an incomplete food since we use it as a treat or to get appetite in cats that aren't eating anything. It doesn't have much shelf life. If your cat doesn't like it that is no great loss.


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Misty (sewwhat2)

From: Misty (sewwhat2)


My adult cats are vaccinated on a three year schedule. You can buy FVRCP shots online and give them yourself. I've given FVRCP vaccines to kittens. Easy to do. Rabies vaccine has to be given by a veterinarian.