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From: APH0rism10/11/17 14:51 
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Why is an inexperienced, so-called politician telling foreign countries what to do? Anyone noticed he makes sure he is never at home unless he is getting his luggage ready for another vacation?  I find it intriguing that Justin Trudeau is never confronted given his shabby credential as a part-time drama teacher.


Trudeau holds "very direct" talk with Myanmar's Suu Kyi about state-led violence

Justin Trudeau used a face-to-face meeting Friday with Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi to lay out some of the evidence he has seen on the state-led violence that has shaken her country and set off a huge refugee crisis.

The prime minister met with Suu Kyi for 45 minutes on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders' summit in Danang, Vietnam.

It was Trudeau's first meeting with Suu Kyi, an honorary Canadian citizen, since a crackdown by Myanmar's security forces began in late August. The alleged attacks have forced more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims into exile in neighbouring Bangladesh.

The crisis has damaged the once-celebrated global image of Suu Kyi, who is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

The Canadian Press November 10, 2017

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From: Whatzup? (Bushenron)10/11/17 19:47 
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sunglasses  Aung San Suu Ky must be thinking, 'who is this idiotic kid?'

Do Canadian even have some tiny intelligence left to vote for a stupid drama teach?

This meeting - is down right hilarious!



From: Whatzup? (Bushenron)10/11/17 19:50 
To: APH0rism  (3 of 32) 
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BTW I meant to ask you for a while now - why did you delete your yahoo-blog?

There used to be a lot South Asian people pissed about their politicians, I wonder what they got to say about this now!





From: Golfeser (irckman)11/11/17 10:28 
To: APH0rism  (4 of 32) 
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snail Trudoh: the poor little Soros puppet!

I read through a few out of the 200+ comments on Yahoo-News - specifically in this topic and and there isn't one single person on his side, when will this turb step down?





From: BarthaS11/11/17 14:56 
To: APH0rism  (5 of 32) 
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Canadian must really be embarrassed to have voted for Trudeau he is such an idiot, he left the TRADE talk in Japan and China to get to Myanmar and preach to Suu Kyi how to nicely treat Islamist that savagely killed her father?




From: BarthaS11/11/17 15:00 
To: Whatzup? (Bushenron)  (6 of 32) 
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Most probably the South Asian bullies flagged her yahoo-blog so many times, it was banned at the end.

I remember it was also done to Serge, the French reporter and friend from France as well and my blog too!




  • Edited 11 November 2017 15:10  by  BarthaS

From: GonghisKhan11/11/17 22:44 
To: APH0rism  (7 of 32) 
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After I read this here bellow, I think TRUDEAU like a good angel is in Myanmar to pick up a few thousand refugees and get them into Canada!


It sees them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Myanmar Rohingya: What you need to know about the crisis

    19 October 2017
Who are the Rohingya?
The Rohingya, who numbered around one million in Myanmar at the start of the year, are one of the many ethnic minorities in the country. Rohingya Muslims represent the largest percentage of Muslims in Myanmar, with the majority living in Rakhine state.




From: GonghisKhan11/11/17 22:57 
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Mentioning the TPP:

An Australian television station cited sources who said, "the Canadians screwed everybody." "Justin Trudeau sabotages Trans-Pacific Partnership," the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper flatly declared in a headline.

Late Friday, the talks had made enough progress for Canada to declare a modest victory, but it was a far cry from the "deal in principle" Japan's economy minister was trumpeting the day before.

Once the headlines faded, the strategic calculation behind why the prime minister decided to slow things down came into sharp focus: jumping quickly into that trade deal would have weakened Canada's hand in renegotiating NAFTA with an even harder-nosed Trump administration.




From: Lathyrus (PeePhobia)12/11/17 12:24 
To: APH0rism  (9 of 32) 
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Will TRUDawg import most of the refugees with the deadly plague?

The disease has spread via airplanes; there are fears the disease could spread to Europe and America via plane travel as Ebola did in 2014, with ten African nations already put on alert for signs of infection.

Warnings -  Deadly outbreak of black death

-Pneumonic plague has already infected 2,000 in Madagascar and killed 143 in the country's worst outbreak in 50 years.
-Ten African nations are on alert amid fears the disease will spread via airplanes.
-That has led to fears the disease could spread to Europe as Ebola did in 2014 .
-Expert warns that, once here, the disease could mutate and become untreatable.






From: Lathyrus (PeePhobia)12/11/17 12:33 
To: GonghisKhan  (10 of 32) 
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GonghisKhan said...

An Australian television station cited sources who said, "the Canadians screwed everybody." "Justin Trudeau sabotages Trans-Pacific Partnership," the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper flatly declared in a headline.


That part is too complicated for TRUDEAU he'd rather be an Ixlowmics lobbyist!



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