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Boris Johnson fighting for political life    Current Events

Started 20/1/22 by funiki; 841 views.
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Lathyrus (PeePhobia)

From: Lathyrus (PeePhobia)


Here's an interesting opinion you might want to read:

People voted Conservative for many different reasons in 2019. In Bury South they wanted to see wealth and opportunity levelled up.

'Boris Johnson has poisoned the Tory Party - and now he's on borrowed time' Former Tory defector Christian Wakeford writes exclusively for the Sunday Mirror - and says Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson

OPINION By Christian Wakeford
20:30, 22 Jan 2022

Boris Johnson is living on borrowed time. He has poisoned the Tory Party from top to bottom. The report by admired civil servant Sue Gray cannot ignore the facts we already know.

Number 10 was hosting parties while the rest of us were obeying the rules.The PM attended and then lied about it. He showed no respect for the Queen while she was in mourning for her husband.His behaviour has been an insult not just to Her Majesty but to the whole nation. His lack of honesty and integrity has poisoned the once great party he leads.His bully boys at Westminster, the Whips, told me I wouldn’t get a promised new school in Bury South if I voted the wrong way. The police are now being asked to investigate allegations that other Tory MPs were blackmailed into putting Boris Johnson’s interests ahead of their own constituents. I have too much respect for the people who voted me into Parliament to stay silent in the face of such intimidation.


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Lathyrus (PeePhobia)

From: Lathyrus (PeePhobia)


Boris Johnson might have a relapse as it happened before! 

Boris Johnson’s 50 lies, gaffes and scandals as PM's future hangs in the balance. The Prime Minister is facing calls to quit from mutinous Tories as he awaits the results of Sue Gray's inquiry into lockdown-breaking parties - which could determine his future


Myra (MKratz)

From: Myra (MKratz)


'Boris Johnson has poisoned the Tory Party - and now he's on borrowed time' Former Tory defector Christian Wakeford writes exclusively for the Sunday Mirror - and says Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson

When in history was it not poisoned?

Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


All of a sudden everyone is cured and is allegedly experiencing some freedom?





How many Covid lockdown parties were held in Downing Street?

Published1 day ago

Timeline: The alleged government gatherings
The government is facing mounting pressure over several events that are alleged to have been held during lockdowns. Here is what we know about them and the restrictions in place at the time:

Laura Kuenssberg 25/01/2022



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From: AuntBetsie


Starmer slams ‘spectacle of PM under police investigation’ as Boris Johnson awaits Sue Gray report – live

LIVE – Updated at 17:19

No 10 has still not yet received report on Downing Street parties that could trigger a Tory leadership election.


Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


The huge PHARMA whore is on his way out! 

Now the question is - who's next?

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


Borris Johnson is just another political hypocrical scum as most of the rest of them! 


From: DimeTrious


Very well done Boris Johnson, now he ought to resign! 

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From: drl0lip0p


The Metropolitan Police are investigating a "gathering" in Boris Johnson's personal Downing Street flat over a potential breach of lockdown laws, it has emerged.

The development was revealed in a slimmed down version of civil servant Sue Gray's report into numerous alleged breaches of lockdown in Downing Street since the start of the COVID pandemic.

The report revealed that police are investigating numerous events and gatherings in No 10, including one on 13 November in the Downing Street flat shared by Johnson and his wife Carrie.