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Death Threats f**-OFF   Poetry and thoughts

Started 7/2/16 by APH0rism; 23127 views.

Sure - I hope Trump wins - and no excuses for other countries around the world not to finally see the light that we are all at war for what some call "religion of peace" led by pedophilia gangs that rape little girls in the name of Allah, a cult that kills non-stop for centuries...

Italian activist Oriana Falaci warns us all in Europe but no one wanted to listen to her! 

Fallaci received much public attention for her controversial writings and statements on Islam and European Muslims. Both support and opposition have been published in Italian newspapers (among which, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera had a series of articles), and David Holcberg, at the Ayn Rand Institute, supported her cause with a letter to The Washington Times.



From: JULES10003


Islam is not a religion of peace and if you ever read the Koran then you would see for yourselves and the way Saudi Arabia behaves as well which is mighty barbaric.  I have something for all of you to listen to and it is the singer from Belgium called:  Salvatore Adamo from the days when I was a teenager and he is a great singer along with Alain Barrière from France.  Before I rattle on Adamo sang the song Inch'allah for Israel and he was banned in the Arab countries since the 1960's era and I want all of you to listen to this lovely song among others on youtube.com.  Here is the song:


This singer along with so many other great French singers have great songs.  French singer who is Armenian descent has a house in Québec besides his France.  I thought that you would all enjoy this song from Adamo. 

Before I forget whoever owns this web site can trace whoever sent that hateful message by the IP address.  Even if that person went through the public library or an internet café it can be traced because they have to sign in.  Enjoy the song.


Debb-Ca (canadianaca)

From: Debb-Ca (canadianaca)




Chomp (Chompsky) said...



Pat Condell gets death threats!

Paul Weston gets death threats!

Paul Joseph Watson gets death threats!

Alec Jones Radio host · infowars.com gets death threats!

Glenn Beck gets death threats!

Pamela Geller gets death threats!







From: StatsChew


More recently Nelly also got attacked by her very own CHRISTIAN sibling's family for pestering about Muslim terrorists on facebook, saying it's not a Canadian thing to do! That was funny on I laughed so much by the idiocy - I felt sorry for her... just as the Pope has done giving supremacists every right to kill us all...



''The Pope says that ISIS' conquest of the Middle East is just like ''Jesus'' sending out his disciples.''




From: ahe489q


Who made this Italian pope?


From: APH0rism


Thanks, seen it, far worse apologists  has been seen these past few days!


It the "religion of peace" they only go by their own scripture and its sword!


Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


Death threats aren't to be taken lightly!