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Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party   Current Events

Started 26/9/22 by Schantelle (cephalogram); 1677 views.

I hope her political credo last forever! thumbsup

The UN and their own MAFIOSI are trying to shut her down!  

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


Of course, not racist!! thumbsupthumbsdown

She is protecting Italians and its culture.

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From: fabul0us


So far I'm attempting my unsurpassed time to spread some information!

Italy PM Giorgia Meloni's controversial budget plan wins approval Access to the comments

A new budget law put forward by Italy's Giorgia Meloni-led government was approved on Thursday, after winning a confidence vote in both houses of parliament.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella signed the 2023 budget on Thursday evening. The package had been approved by the Senate in the morning, and by the Chamber of Deputies last week.

By Andrea Carlo  & Reuters, ANSA  •  Updated: 30/12/2022




From: Berylline


Migrant arrivals in Italy have increased by more than 50% since far-right premier Giorgia Meloni took office at the end last October, official statistics show, contradicting claims made by her government.

On Monday, interior minister Matteo Piatendosi appeared on an Italian TV show and claimed the "growth curve [of boat arrivals] had declined" in the government's first two months in power.

But statistics published by the interior ministry and reviewed by Euronews show that migrant arrivals by boat have been considerably higher since Meloni took office compared to the same period the previous year.

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From: Berylline


Huge surge in Italy migrant arrivals despite PM Meloni's 'naval blockade' pledge

By Andrea Carlo  Updated: 12/01/2023

The new PM’s first two full months in office -- November and December -- saw almost 20,000 migrants arrive by boat: a sharp rise from the same months the year before when there were 12,600 migrant landings. 

The upsurge in arrivals by boat in the first ten days of 2023 has been even more dramatic: 3,709 so far this year compared to just 378 during the same time period in 2022, marking an 881% increase.



From: Dot_hoe


It won't stop anytime soon...