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From: nannahof62/26/17 6:47 PM 
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my granddaughter (12) has 'suspected' high functioning asperges, but we don't know for sure, YET.  She also has Severe social anxiety.  She is doing school by Distance Education. This morning her mother was trying to wake her ready to prepare for school, but could not get a response from her.  She tried for nearly 1/2 hr.  I was also trying.  Eventually, she seemed to be waking, but started throwing herself around like in an epileptic fit.  I don't know if this was real or if she was just faking it.  Then when she did, 'wake up', her eyes were very glassy and she didn't look to be functioning at all.  Trying to speak to her was difficult, she would not respond.  Her look was totally blank.  


I was hoping someone could tell me, how to tell, when she is being real, or when she might be faking.  Would she know 'how' to fake things.  Also, if these 'episodes' are real, how do we bring her back from them?


We have only recently became aware of these issues with her and are still trying to learn how to respond to her needs.


I hope I am making some kind of sense here, because it does not make sense to me.



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From: Nicolalex (SYLVIAB3)2/28/17 9:30 AM 
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My son has Aspergers and also dealt with seizures.    The best suggestion I could give you is to encourage her mother to take her to the Dr. to discuss the incident and have her checked out.  


From: nannahof62/28/17 7:01 PM 
To: Nicolalex (SYLVIAB3)  (3 of 5) 
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Thank you for your reply


We have not had this happen before.  She says, she has no memory of actually waking up, or anything that happened that morning. Just suddenly waking to find herself sitting in her chair at her desk.  i don't know if she was faking it or if it is real, as we have been told, sometimes, children with asperges, can be very manipulative.



From: Nicolalex (SYLVIAB3)2/28/17 8:07 PM 
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I personally don't know of too many manipulative Asperger's people.   Most that I have encountered are bluntly honest to a fault.  Things are seen as very black and white.   I would still have this episode checked out just to be on the safe side.    Always better safe than sorry.



From: nannahof62/28/17 9:25 PM 
To: Nicolalex (SYLVIAB3)  (5 of 5) 
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I agree, I will pass this on to her mother - we have had the 'run around' from most people - so called professionals - and it is getting very frustrating.  She is to see a speech therapist next week to try and see, if they can determine her 'learning' capacity or how she learns.  It is all very confusing and frustrating.  


We are in QLD, Australia and the so called specialist 'child mental health' services, claim there is nothing wrong with her - she is just being naughty and controlling.  They base this on 'she can play games in the sand pit and noise doesn't bother her.  At least not the noise they had going on close to their offices at the time.

But other specialists believe there is a problem.  This has been going on since May 2016 and finally we seem to be getting some help.  She is to see another 'specialist', sometime, in April or May - so here's hoping someone will come to some conclusion.



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