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This is a forum for those of us on the autism spectrum to get together and talk about our issues and lives.

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Welcome To Aspie Hangout!

This is a forum for those of us on the autism spectrum to get together and talk about our issues and lives. A safe place for us to discuss things we may not otherwise be comfortable discussing elsewhere. Please note that this is not a debate forum or a forum for controversial topics and discussions. My main rule is "Kindness Rules Here"!If you are looking for challenging and fiery discussions, please look in the drop-down box above, titled ~Other Aspie Places~ for forums that might be suited more to your needs. The Hangout is meant to be a low key, friendly place.

We have a regularly scheduled, moderated chat every Sunday evening beginning at 9 p.m. ET (US).  Other chats are ad hoc.   Anyone is welcome to chat, so long as they abide by the chat rules.

This forum was not set up to answer questions from family members or others curious about Aspergers. It is a support forum for those of us on the spectrum only; grants of membership to family and friends of ASD people are rare. However, I do have one public folder where people can ask questions and post announcements of interest. It is on moderation. That means that your post will not appear until staff has approved it. So don't panic if you don't see your post right away. :-)

This forum is on Moderation. All newcomers can expect to be on Moderation for at least a week. Granting, revocation, and restoration of Voice is at the sole discreation of the Moderators.

Swearing, in posts or in chat, is permissible, so long as it is not directed at another member of this forum. I prefer that swearwords used outside the Publc folder be spoiled (substitute asterisks for some of the letters).

My name is Owen (Cymbyz); I am your Host.:-) My Assistants are Gail/Zoe and Kathleen (Lonestar).  Since this is a semi-private forum, you must become a member to see the other folders available. If you wish to join please post a message in the public folder and tell us a little bit about yourself and your connection to Asperger's Syndrome.  It is my sincere hope you will enjoy it here and find this forum helpful to you.

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