AS And Toxic Religious Upbringing

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The Combined Effects Of AS And A Toxic Fundamentalist Religious Upbringing

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Join Me Outside The Box   Generalized Topics

Started Apr-3 by Corrry; 118 views.

From: Corrry


Inside the box of conformity there is coziness, warmth and belonging for those persons, who feel as a part of a herd because they share the identity defining traits and attributes with the other members or the herd.

For people like me who are different, there is only cognitive loneliness inside the box, and the suffocation under the unpleasant pressure to conform. Outside the box there is also loneliness, but there is at least the unrestricted choice for nonconformity and for the freedom to be different.

I know there are other people who also prefer the loneliness outside the box over the suffocation inside the box. I started this forum in the hope of getting into contact with a few like minded people. I am a bit disappointed that my essays have been read by an amazing number of people but not one has joined yet.